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Packaged Panties by Affinitas Featured in SheKnows

With Valentines Day just around the corner, editors know it’s the right time to tap into their reader’s wishes for the season – especially when they’re naughty little secrets, like alluring lingerie. In one of their latest fashion articles, the website SheKnows features one of Affinitas’ product lines, the Packaged Panties, titled “Valentine’s lingerie for every personality”.

The feature article identifies four main fashion personality types and picks a few underwear designs to go with each one. The gift idea for the “Girl on the go” is a set of packaged panties from Affinitas, and the picture shows the neutral color pack. Indeed, this versatile panty set couldn’t be a better fit for women with busy schedules.

The lingerie brand Affinitas aims to bring women around the world quality and design of luxury underwear. The surprisingly affordable pieces spare no effort in keeping up with trends, updated designs and comfortable materials in different collections for distinct moods. One of these lines is “Packaged Panties”, which takes the brand’s iconic style and comfort to offer something practical, yet pretty, to the busy modern woman.

If you’re a girl on the go, you can’t go wrong with these panty sets. They simplify your life and help save you time. Why is it that seems like we have to always pick between comfortable and sexy? It doesn’t have to be that useful isn’t sexy. Affinitas’ panties are a snug fit in comfortable materials that don’t show under your clothes, but when stripped, they’re cute and flattering with their lace trim and vivid colors.

Each cute pillow-shaped pack of panties contains three tones in four colors: neutrals, polka dots, animal prints and pastels, each of them in hipster or thong cuts. These stretch lace and mesh panties are not only comfortable and breathable for your skin, they can fold into absolute discretion whenever you need to carry a fresh pair of underwear. Fitting in the palm of your hand, they’re pretty enough to leave at your boyfriend’s, and small enough to put in your gym bag or in a purse. Their price is so attainable there’s no reason not to gift this… or to keep for yourself.

The Packaged Panties are perfect for gifts in many ways. First, they’re one size fits all, between sizes 0 and 8, so you don’t need to know exact measurementss. They’re also both useful and flattering to the recipient of your attention, and with all color and pattern choices available, at least one will be just right. The article on SheKnows even points out they’re flexible to the point of making a great non-romantic gift to a relative, even if lingerie is traditionally reserved for girlfriends and wives.

So if the time for romantic gifts is just around the corner, don’t forget about this great pick in versatile lingerie. The Packaged Panties keep up with real life, being discreet in bags to social engagements and trips, comfortable on the go, and beautiful in the bedroom.

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