Brand Story

CEO Ken Zhang knew he was destined to follow his entrepreneurial parents’ footsteps by someday building his own successful business. While majoring in Business Administration at University of Southern California, Zhang met his future colleagues and friends, VP of Logistics Kevin Lai and VP of Design Anthony Chan, who would eventually help with the launch of Uni-Grace in 2005.

While undergoing research and development for a lingerie brand, Zhang and his colleagues shared the common vision of bringing quality, comfortable and creatively designed fashion to customers around the world with a consumer-centric philosophy.

With the urge to fill the market with something unique, Uni-Grace introduced PARFAIT in 2010 to offer full bust women a chic and sophisticated assortment of lingerie styles.

Uni-Grace continues to thrive in the lingerie industry by fulfilling its mission statement: Provide quality, comfortable and fashion-forward lingerie to consumers around the world with a consumer-centric philosophy, and we achieve this through strong, reliable and successful business partnerships that share the same vision and mission.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Delight people around the world through fashion.

Our Mission: Delight consumers around the world with fashion through successful business partnerships.

Core Qualities

  1. Humble – Have little ego and focus more on their teammates and greater good than on themselves.
  2. Hungry – Have a strong work ethic, and determined to get things done and contribute any way they can.
  3. People Smart – Common sense care around people, and know how to say and do things and have a positive outcome on those around them.

Our Core Values

Success can only be meaningful and substantial, and therefore achieved, when the team is composed of great people that value honesty and trustworthiness paired with ethical and moral values.

We value team performance through the individual contributions of each team member who believe “Together we can do greater things” and always try to pursue “win-win” solutions. We respect and show appreciation to each other. We believe in good, effective and open communication with the goal to provide the best products, services and solutions to our customers through collaboration with our business partners.

We believe creativity is the spark that gives our customers that “WOW!” factor about the company, products and services. Our team values creativity in product design, marketing, and most importantly in ways to solve problems and overcome challenges.

It takes courage to take responsibility, be accountable and lead than to simply be common, error-free and stay in the “comfort zone”. We embrace responsibility, accountability and encourage our team to make decisions based on good judgment and knowledge.

Perfection is a constant process of refinement, testing and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Our teams’ pursuit of excellence never ends, through constant improvements of processes, products, services and through our support of our business partners.

A “never give up” value is the key to a strong team who strives to find the best solutions to overcome challenges and fulfill our mission to build strong relationships and successful business partnership by persistently working towards developing the best products, services and experiences for our customers and partners.

Brilliance and hard work is important but are not the only ingredient of a successful team, but also the efforts to have a positive influence on our team, customers, and partners by sharing and sending positive messages and supporting the community and try to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

We encourage our team to have in themselves the passion to deliver delight by responding and acting on the needs of our team members, customers, business partners to promote a strong, close and successful relationship.

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