Do you ever find yourself thinking that you have so much to do, but just don’t know where to start or how you are possibly going to get it done?  Or do you feel like you are suffocating with everything being too much, or are you simply drowning in obligations.  Kids, work, your relationships, housework, your health – the list goes on!  What about finances, legal issues or an ill family member to deal with?  Whatever it is, you certainly aren’t alone!

Feeling overwhelmed is one of the most common reasons women come to me for life coaching.   When life gets crazy and everything is happening at once, it can be quite difficult to bring calm and productivity back into your day.

Do you remember the last time you actually had a calm, flowing day?  Do you remember how good it feels to snuggle up in bed at night with a peaceful mind, rather than one that is still going a hundred mile an hour trying to process your day while mentally making a list of alllllll the things you need to do tomorrow, and wondering how the hell you are going to do them?

If you want more of those days, or can’t even remember last time you felt like your life was relatively under control, I have some tips for you.

Here are 5 steps you can implement today to take you from overwhelm to calm before you know it!

1.  Start your day right

The best way to prepare for a calm organised day, is to start your day that way!  Firstly, set your intention for the day ahead.  How do you want to feel?  What do you want your day to bring?  Productivity?  Relaxation?  Whatever it is, set your intention before you do anything else.  Then take 5 -10 minutes to meditate – I know, I know, I talk about this all the time!  But that is because it is so beneficial!  Instead of scrolling through social media when you first jump out of bed, give your mind (and soul) the gift of peace for five minutes (minimum – the longer the better) instead.

2.  Get it on paper

Often overwhelm thrives in our minds more than it does on paper!  Take a few minutes to write down what needs to be done, prioritising as you go.  Maybe you will realise you actually don’t have as much to do as you thought?  Or maybe you have more!  Maybe you will find that there is something you can delegate to someone else, or possibly even eliminate all together – do you really need to vacuum every single day?

3.  Take action – 5 second rule

Perhaps the most effective step to take you from overwhelm to calm, is to get stuff done!  That’s right, you can meditate and write lists until the cows come home, but if you aren’t taking action to get the very things done that are overwhelming you, those feelings will continue to linger.  One of the best ways to do this when you find yourself procrastinating or being so overcome with overwhelm that you just don’t want to do things you need to do, is to use the 5 second rule – count backwards from 5 to 1 and move!  Motivational speaker Mel Robbins created the 5 second rule at what she describes as ‘the worst time of her life’.  Her theory is that you have 5 seconds to act on an idea before your brain ‘kills it’.  By physically doing something – hopping up, raising your hand, writing something down, you are putting it in action before your brain can create a story to stop you.

4.  Elevate your emotional state

Often, it’s not so the tasks or obligations at hand that overwhelm us, as much as other factors in our life that effect our emotional state.  Once that has been compromised everything becomes more difficult.  One of the most effective ways to keep your emotional state in check is to get enough sleep!  Although sleep is crucial for our mental wellbeing and emotional state, it is rarely a priority for those living a busy life.  Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night, so if you not getting enough, try setting yourself a bed time!  Other ways to elevate your emotional state include stretching, physical connection (aka hugging!) and giving gratitude.  These things don’t take much time at all, but can have wonderful effects on our minds and bodies which in turn help to create calm.

5.  Breathe

And finally, breathe.  Yes, breathe.  If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed just stop, and take a few moments to breathe.  Feel the air fill your tummy as you inhale, and feel the tension in your shoulders and body ease as you exhale.  Remind yourself that everything happens at the perfect time.  If that means that something won’t quite get done today then that is perfect.  If it means that you actually need to get twice as much done today as usual, then that is perfect too.  Take one thing at a time, and just breathe…

The next time you find yourself knee deep in overwhelm, remember that you are not alone and you can work through it to create a calmer, more peaceful life for yourself, by implementing some simple steps.  Life is full for most of us, but it is also a heck of a lot of fun – don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

After a lifetime on the dieting and restriction merry-go-round, partaking in almost every fad diet available over the past 20 years, I decided some time ago now, that enough was enough.

From Jenny Craig to meal replacement shakes, blood type diets to soup slims.   All were entered into with the promise of weight loss, and although they delivered in that aspect, it was only for whatever short period I stuck to them, until I binged!  Of course, the weight soon returned (usually with some extra for good measure) and all I really got of each experience was further damage to my hormones, metabolism and confidence – but that’s another blog for another day!

When I realised that diets were doing me more harm than good, I began to actually learn more about nutrition – how food fuels our body and why we need some things and can do without others.  I started to tune into my own body and realise there was no one size fits all approach to health, or weight loss for that matter.

I came to realise that freedom and thriving health was what I craved, not necessarily a size 4 dress! Once I started to listen to the feedback my body was giving me, I noticed just how clever it was at telling me what it did and didn’t need, what it did and didn’t like!  One thing it doesn’t like is restriction.  In fact, it hates restriction.  Calorie deficits, forced fasting, low fat foods, certain foods off limits indefinitely, chemical concoctions instead of real food, etc – they are all forms of restriction!

nutrition habit challenge

These days I primarily choose real, whole foods that make me feel good and allow my body to thrive.  Some foods have adverse reactions (thank you IBS) so I avoid them more than others, but nothing is ‘off limits’ as such.

Although I don’t binge like I once did, some days I make better food choices than other days. Certain foods are still very tempting when I front of me and I definitely still emotionally eat – even if it is ‘healthy’ food!

Dieting is most definitely something of the past, so when my local gym recently advertised that they were kicking off a 30 day nutrition challenge, my first thought was that I wasn’t interested.  At all.  Although it wasn’t called a diet, I still suspected that it was, until I found out more!

It turns out that the challenge was to promote mindful healthy eating habits, encourage consumption of high quality foods, and to give people a chance to reset their body from processed foods.  It was not a weight loss program and they claimed it was not restrictive.  Hmm, maybe it would be okay.  Maybe it would align with my values and food philosophy.  I shot a message off to one of our trainers with some more questions.

Is it calorie controlled?

Are (good) fats eliminated?

Does a meal plan have to be followed?

The answers were no, no and no and this self-proclaimed diet-free Mama was now considering joining the challenge!

There was a prize up for grabs after all!  But there was also a small matter of me being away on holidays for a third of the challenge.  Yes, 10 days away, 7 on a cruise ship, would probably not be the best time to embark on a nutrition challenge – or would it?  I thought long and hard and decided it would probably be the perfect time to join in!

nutrition challenge - The 30 Day Nutrition Challenge: Reset Your Body and Mind

I knew that when on our cruise I would be faced with unlimited temptations, and if nothing else, this challenge would make me more mindful and aware of how I was fueling my body, as well as encourage me to make better choices, particularly while away on holidays.  So, I’ve done it.  I’ve signed up to the nutrition challenge and have committed to 30 days of mindful choices – even while cruising the Pacific Ocean!  It won’t be strict, and it won’t be perfect, but it will be great!

Starting August 1st I am going to keep a diary of my month to share my experience, feelings (physically and emotionally) and any juicy healthy tips I discover along the way.

The truth is, although I eat a lot of beautiful, healthy food, I have also found myself eating more of that stuff that makes me not feel so great over the past few months, and I am looking forward to tuning back into my body more attentively to improve its function again.

Stay posted for my nutrition challenge blog series over the next month and consider which positive actions you can take to make your body thrive in August.  Maybe you want to drink more water?  Move your body regularly?  Introduce fermented foods?  Get more sleep?  Eat more veggies?

Drop us a line below if you decide to set yourself a 30 day challenge too!

As women, most of us menstruate each month.  On average, we do this anywhere from 2 to 7 days per month, from our early teen years to menopausal age – that’s a whole lot of cycles!

There aren’t too many women that look forward to this time of month, in fact many dread their impending bleed which is a shame as it is a reminder of how extraordinarily the female body functions.  This time of the month should be embraced and honored for what it is.  Unfortunately, many women experience discomfort and pain during this time, making that hard to do.

There are many factors that can contribute to uncomfortable periods, apart from the blatant fact that your body is doing amazing things to shed its uterine lining, such as emotional stress, sugar, hormonal imbalance, alcohol, endometriosis, lack of sleep and many more!

If you personally experience severe cramping or menstrual symptoms please do see your doctor.  Also, take a good look at your diet and lifestyle to see if you can make some changes there to support your body!

In recent years, I have learnt to really listen to my body, particularly at this time of month, and just slow down a little.  Our bodies are meant to have a little rest and relaxation during this time.

Sure, it may not be practical for most of us to lock ourselves away in our bedrooms for 5 days every month, but just try to slow down a little, be kind to yourself, incorporate some more yin activities into your day (such as relaxation, walking, etc) and really embrace the magnificence of what your body is doing!

While you are taking things a little easier, check out these 5 soothing remedies for period pain relief!

1.  Essential Oils

Of course, there is an essential oil for everything, including that time of the month!  Some of my favorites to assist with menstrual symptoms are:

Cramping – lavender, clary sage or peppermint oil

Headaches – peppermint, marjoram or lavender

Moodiness – orange, cypress or ylang ylang

Bloating – ginger, copaiba or peppermint

2.  Water

Drink, drink, drink!  By ensuring you stay hydrated in the days leading up to, and during, your menstruation, you will decrease your chances of fluid/water retention, which is what causes bloating and can make cramps more intense and painful.

3.  Heat Pack

Ahh, there is nothing quite like a soft warm heat pack on your tummy when you are experiencing cramps, right?  They have long been a remedy for stomach aches and menstrual cramps.  Heat works by simply relaxing contracted muscles, increasing blood flow and easing pain. So, a heat pack is a given during your period!

4.  A Good Book

During your menses, you might like to trade vigorous activities, or even socialising, for a good book!  My favorite thing to do when my body is craving some down time and asking me to slow down, is to indulge in a good read.  Snuggle up with a cozy blanket, pop your feet up, and get lost in a new story.

5.  Peppermint Tea

My last menstruation must have is peppermint tea! Yum! The heat of the liquid works similarly to a heat pack by promoting blood flow and helping to relax the pelvic muscles.  Peppermint also has anti-spasmodic effects which not only help ease menstrual cramps, but also stomach aches and upsets.  And not only is it effective, but it tastes delicious too!

Don’t Forget: Period Tracker App

I swear my life changed when I started tracking my periods! There are so many fantastic, functional apps available now, including Eva, Pink ad, Ovia, Period Tracker etc.  Most apps not only allow you to track you cycle, but predict when you are next due, when you will ovulate or are most likely to conceive (or safest time to not conceive) plus track general health symptoms and sexual interactions if you so choose.  To have all that information available with a tap of your finger is remarkable, and very convenient!

Lastly, a menstrual cup might help with making your period more manageable.

I am so passionate about menstrual cups that last year I wrote a whole blog about them and why you should make the switch.  There are many reasons why I love mine, which you can read about here, but more than anything I love the freedom that comes with not having to worry about disposable sanitary products – making sure you have supplies on you at all times, checking the time to ensure you change them over regularly, worrying about how to dispose of safely while in public or not at home, fearing heavy days, etc.  After 3 years with my cup, it is most definitely a menstruation must have I would recommend!

Remember, you don’t need to dread ‘that time of the month’.  Be prepared and listen to your body.  Celebrate her for being oh so clever, and enjoy some of my must haves next time round!

What helps you feel better during that ‘time of the month’? Share with us in the comments below!

I’ve recently had a few conversations with girlfriends about how we just don’t seem to have enough time in our day to do everything we want to, or sometimes even the things we feel we need to.

It’s a common theme amongst women these days, often juggling work, family and social lives. Throw in some housework, fitness and some elusive ‘me time’ and sometimes something has to give!

We can’t do all of the things, all of the time, right?  Time is our most precious commodity.

“I don’t have time to work out”.

“I don’t have time to catch up with a friend”.

“I don’t have time to cook”.

And the list goes on.

It can become quite overwhelming and downright frustrating when we feel like we are ‘dropping the ball’ in one or more areas because we just don’t have time!


Here’s the thing – we all have the same amount of time in our day, 24 hours.

That is 168 hours in a week.  The same number of hours that your neighbour has. The same number of hours that your boss has.  The same number of hours that someone you look up to and admire has.  Now I don’t know about you, but I used to see people that appeared to be doing allllll the things, and had all their ducks in a row, and my self-confidence used to get rocked a little!

How could she have 5 babies, work 3 jobs, make everything from scratch, do brunch with her girlfriends, have a spotless home, a banging body, a happy marriage and be wearing a crisp white ironed shirt?  Okay, I don’t actually know someone like that, though I am sure she exists!

So, if super mama here can do all that, and if you have the same amount of time in a day that the President does, how is it that you feel like some days you just can’t get anything done?

Here are a few things to think about!


It’s not a priority.

Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’, try saying ‘it’s not a priority’.  Have you heard of this tactic before?  I love it, and really dislike it, all at once!

The idea is to shift your perspective and become aware of using not having time as an excuse.  And when it really is just a habitual excuse, this tactic is great!  For example, you may not have time to work out, but you somehow have time to watch Game of Thrones episodes back to back. Hmmm… So instead of saying you don’t have time to work out, you would instead say that ‘working out is not a priority’.

On the flipside, you may not have time to work out today because you need to take your sick child to the doctor – a perfect example of when I dislike this tactic!  I believe it can create shaming behaviours and induce guilty thoughts which aren’t so kind on ourselves!

In the second example, you didn’t skip gym class because working out is not a priority, but because obviously it was not as much of a priority as your child was in that moment.


What’s on your plate?

Before you get yourself in a tizz and fob off that catch up with your friend for the 4th time this month because you don’t have time, think about what you have on your plate at the moment.  Do you really not have the time?  What commitments and responsibilities do you have?

Write them down and schedule them in your diary – appointments, chores, events, family time, etc.  Have a look at how you are spending the rest of your time.  Do you really need to scroll through Facebook for 2 hours every night?

When you look at your schedule and how you really spend your time, maybe you find that you have more available time than you think!


Give yourself a break.

Please, give yourself a break from time to time gorgeous.  Remember how I said that we can’t do all the things, all of the time?  We can’t.  We really can’t.

If life is full and you find yourself genuinely not having enough hours in your day to do all the things that are a priority to you, it is okay, be kind to yourself and do the best you can.

If you find yourself making Game of Thrones a priority over working out because you simply need some down time, it’s okay, listen to your body and soul and take the time out.  And while you are at it, quit comparing your life to Super Mamas life.

Although you see this put together woman whose life is pretty close to perfect, what you don’t know is that she actually has a cleaner, a nanny, and her mother brings over home cooked meals most nights as she is not usually home in time to cook between her 3 jobs.  Things aren’t always what they seem!

The next time you find yourself saying that you don’t have the time to do something, take a second to think about whether that is actually the truth or not.  Maybe it is, and that’s okay.  Maybe it’s not, and that’s okay too.  Do the best you can, just don’t fool yourself.

Is it a priority?  What’s on your plate? Give yourself a break, and don’t compare!

I was recently listening to a podcast about spiritual beliefs, and the host said that she had changed her mind on some of the thoughts she had previously spoken publicly about.

In fact, she had done a complete 180 and no longer believed what she previously had.

Whoa!  You can’t do that can you?  Change your opinion on something once you have already shared your thoughts and spoken about it?

Absolutely you can!  People change, our thoughts change, and it is a completely natural and beautiful occurrence!

alanwattsquotesmall - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

You are under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago. – Alan Watts

Alan Watts was spot on with that quote.  And you are certainly under no obligation to be the person you were a month ago or a year ago.  You hereby have the permission to change, right here, right now, despite what you did/thought/had yesterday.

You can change your mind.

You can change your lifestyle.

You can change your hair.

You can change your interests.

You can conjure up new beliefs and you can share them if you so choose.

And just quietly, you don’t actually need permission, but just in case that is what you are looking for, here it is!  Why do people struggle with this?  Because of their ego – that’s why!  Their ego says:

What will people think of me?

Will they accept me?

Will they think I was being inauthentic?

What if I look silly?

Will they judge me and my new opinion/choice?

The truth is that people change and learn and unlearn and grow.  When our opinions change and we speak our truth, or do something new, it is a reflection of that.

When we think about giving ourselves permission to change it can trigger a whole lot of resistance and fear inside us.  Don’t let those fears hold you back.

If we listen to them, and to our egos, we risk honouring our 2.0 version of our authentic selves which will restrict us to living the same way we did before.

And we were changing for a reason, right?

Over the past year I have done a whole lot of growing and changing.

I have said things that are completely contradictory.  I have changed my job title numerous times.  I have done things that in the past I never would have been open to, and some that I have even said I would never do (never say never, right!?).  Heck I was a vegetarian for 8 years because I didn’t want to eat an animal, and now eat meat.  Every. Damn. Day.  The list goes on!

Everything I have done, said or experienced throughout previous years has contributed to me being me.  All of the changes I have made are part of the me that I am right now, today.  And tomorrow that might be different!

Still not sure about making that change?

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  What have you been wanting to change?

Maybe it has been something big, like your career, relationship, physical appearance or religion.  Of course, changes in areas of our life such as these can have serious consequences, but to be considering making a change, there must be a good reason!  Maybe it is something more minor, such as your hairstyle or an opinion about something.  If you feel overwhelmed by change, start small!

2.  What is holding you back?

If it was permission, you now have it – even though you don’t actually need it!  If it is fear, fear of what?  And does the reality of that fear outweigh the joy or satisfaction you will gain by honouring your own authenticity and desires by committing to the change?

3.  How will I feel when I make (and own) this change?

Visualise your answer when fear is holding you back.  Visualisation is a powerful tool!  See yourself with the change already made (whether it is a move or change to physical appearance etc) and tap into how you will feel once done.

Repeat these mantras:

I give myself permission to change.

I give myself permission to grow.

I give myself permission to be happy with the choices I make.

I give myself permission to validate myself.

Embrace change, gorgeous.  Grab it with two hands and don’t let go.  You have the right to grow, with no apologies or justification ever needed.  You have permission to change.  Just be you!

krystal gordon mantra change - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Are you in your dream job, living your dream life?

And by dream, I mean one that satisfies your soul and makes your heart sing.  Or, do you find yourself coming home from work at the end of a long day, emotionally exhausted and a little stressed, wishing you were doing something else? Thinking ‘There has to be more. Surely this isn’t what I am destined to do for the next 30 years’.  Is it?  Only you know the answer to that question.

So many women I speak with are dissatisfied in their jobs and lives and know they want a change, but feel like they don’t know what it is that they really want.  And that is where your purpose comes in – what is your life purpose?  Big question, right?

Some people know exactly what their purpose is, and they always have.  Whether it is to help people through nursing, or teach people through education.  Maybe it is to share their natural gift and heal others through their music by singing, or look after the earth we walk upon by being a conservationist. They just know!

Others feel like they have no idea – but do they?  Of course they do!  Of course you do!  You have all the answers you need within you, sometimes it just takes a little longer to find the answers we want when we don’t know where to start.

I spent a good part of my teens and 20’s trying to find my life purpose, without even thinking of it as ‘my life purpose’.

I was looking for job satisfaction, the thing that made me want to jump out of bed each morning.  I was looking for something that satisfied my soul and made my heart sing.  I turned to teachers, mentors, my parents, higher learning and guidance counsellors looking for someone to tell me what it is I should be doing with my life.  I dipped my toes in many different industries – childcare, the corporate world, disability services, retail, the list goes on.

I even entertained a few small business ideas with no satisfaction. I learnt a lot of things about a lot of things, yet still I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Why?  Because I didn’t need to go and find what I was looking for, or try and get someone to tell me, I already knew – I just needed to uncover it.

So how does one uncover their life purpose when they feel like they have no idea what it could be?

By looking within, much like we need to for any answer or major life decision!

It is important to recognize that there are also many things that can cloud our judgement or sway our answers when trying to uncover something so important.  Things like fear (hello self-sabotage), toxic relationships, expectations and stories we have been told and/or continue to tell ourselves.

However, there are some powerful steps you can take to uncover the answers you are looking for.

Here are four steps to uncover your life purpose:

1.  Release all expectations

Forget what it is you ‘think’ you should do, or what you think your family and friends, or even society, ‘expect’ you to do.  You are the only one who gets to live your life.  Forget the idea that your life purpose is only one thing too!  Maybe your life purpose will play out in multiple ways.  What you feel you are here to do/enjoy right now, may change in 5 or 10 years time – and that is okay!  Release any expectations you have around what your life purpose should look like.

2.  Be still

Ya’ll know I am an advocate of meditating in order to quieten your head noise and listen to your heart instead. When we are still, we can truly connect to our inner selves and ask the deep questions which we can then in turn answer.  Remember, you already have all the answers you need within you.

3.  Say yes to experiences

What if your life purpose involved sharing a certain technique that you learnt at a workshop, but had you not gone to that workshop and experienced it yourself, you never would have known?  Or if your life purpose was to start a foundation to assist those in need, yet had you of said no to your holiday because you were too busy at work, you never would have met the very people that you were put here to help?

My point is, the more you say yes and experience things outside your ‘normal’ or your comfort zone, the more you will open your eyes (and heart) to what is really needed in this life.

4.  Write it out

Grab a pen and paper.  Draw three boxes.  What lights you up?  What are you great at?  What have you learnt? Passions, talents and skills – when you can line up all three you have a beautiful recipe for living your life purpose.  Most people start with passion – it is the easy part!  Passion arises from our inner desires and is something that can’t be mistaken.

You might have one really big one, or multiple that all mean a lot to you.  Passion is the root of your purpose!  Alongside that passion, you need some skills.  Skill are things you can learn/earn.  Something that someone can teach you or you can practice to get better and better.

And lastly what are your talents?  Talents are something you naturally have and can often share or use in conjunction with your skills and passion to create something magic!

It has taken me many years of searching and asking (the wrong people) to find my life purpose, and it was only when I did these four things that I started to uncover the answers within – they were right there the whole time…What is your life purpose?

You know those days when life just seems too hard?  Maybe something terrible has happened causing you heartbreak, or things have built up and you feel like you are at breaking point.  Maybe you are dealing with health challenges or family situations that make you feel like you are about to have a break down.  Sure, if you have health challenges your body may not be functioning as you would hope, it might even actually be broken, but you are not your body.  Oh no, you are so much more than the vessel you are in.

As a life coach and women’s wellness mentor, I often hear women I work with saying that they feel broken and just need someone to fix them.  If only they could fix that part of themselves they don’t love, or that bad habit, or that feeling they don’t think they should feel.  But here’s the thing – they are not broken!

For example, your heart doesn’t break.  That pain you feel deep in your chest when someone hurts you really bad, I believe they are growing pains. That is your heart expanding from wisdom and strength through lessons, gifts, to enable you to one day love even more.

When everything feels like it is going haywire as you walk a new path, scared and unsure, you are not broken, but breaking through.  Another lesson, a gift, to deliver a message to serve your future self.  And when you are emotionally exhausted because life is just too much right now, you are not broken, but perhaps a little cracked, and that is okay!  Because after all, it is cracks that we need to let the light in, so embrace them!  You are not broken gorgeous, and you do not need to be fixed – despite what people may tell you!

Every time you turn on the TV or browse the internet, there will be someone, somewhere, trying to tell you that you are inadequate or incapable.  No wonder we believe we are broken!

Maybe you need to lose 20 pounds, or you have too many wrinkles, or you behave in a certain way when you really shouldn’t, apparently.  Maybe you don’t know the answers, or if they are right, and you definitely don’t want to guess, because what if you do already know and you are in fact not broken at all.  Who can we rely on to fix us then?  Atleast you know that if you buy the product or service ‘they’ are offering, you will be fixed!  And when you fix the flaws you will be free, right? Except you are not broken!

No matter how many cracks you have, no matter how weak you feel, you will heal.  We are made to heal and will always do so, if we just let ourselves.  Surrender to what is.  Remember your worth.  Forget the ego, forget the stories you have been told (and tell yourself), and instead just remember.  Unlearn.  You already have all you need within you.  You already know the answers.  You just need to ask yourself the right questions, and listen.   You are not broken.  You are capable, strong, and you’ve totally got this!

Sacred, according to Wikipedia, is something that is considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe or reverence among believers.  To me, sacred refers to something that creates connection (with ourselves, mother nature and/or a higher being) and that is worthy of respect and awe. It is something that invokes feelings and honors something greater than you or I. Like anything, it is, after all, open for interpretation and defined by the intent one injects it with.  When was the last time you did something sacred?  What if I told you that you could indulge in a sacred practice right now?  And I am not talking about religion (though it could definitely be related to that if you so choose) but simply creating a connection and invoking feelings of love, awe and respect in minutes.  Because who doesn’t want to experience those things right?  They make us feel good!  And I don’t know about you, but I love to feel good!

So how can we bring some of that magic into our life simply, and on a regular basis?  Quite easily actually!  To start, you just need to know that any action, thought or situation can be sacred, if you intend it to be!  Let’s use our daily shower as an example.  Instead of stripping off and jumping in, having a quick scrub and jumping out again, let’s change it up.  Let’s get our sacred on!  Give yourself at least 10 minutes, close the bathroom door if there are any children distractions around, and take a few deep breaths. Set an intention for the next few minutes of sacred bliss time – maybe you want to indulge in the calmness and feel rejuvenated.  Press play on your favorite song, slow and sensual is good!  Maybe you would even like to light your favorite candle or diffuse some essential oils!  As you hop into the shower, feel the water on your skin.  Visualize the tensions form your day being washed down the plug hoe.  Give thanks, to whoever resonates with you, for this moment and for the water and resources you so freely have access to.  As you wash your skin, feel every bump, every curve – ground in and connect with YOU. Take a few more deep breaths… And, you’re done!  Your simple daily shower has just turned into a beautiful sacred practice!

scout cloud lee - Make The Simple Sacred!

When we acknowledge that all of life is sacred and that each act is an act of choice and therefore sacred, then life is a sacred dance lived consciously each moment.  When we live at this level we participate in the creation of a better world.

– Scout Cloud Lee

To make the simple sacred, there is really only one mandatory requirement.  Set an intention around what you are doingAct mindfully and create, or give your action, meaning.  Carve out a special space or time to make it happen.  Whether it is cooking or sex – you can make it as sacred as you choose.  Although there are many other things you can do, or elements you can incorporate – they are all optional!  Candles, crystals, trinkets and the right words will undoubtedly all add something extra to your experience, but they are not always necessary.  When we are doing things consciously and with intent, the ordinary becomes significant.  The simple becomes sacred.  Enjoy!

I recently had a conversation with a small business owner friend who is looking to hire someone to join their team.  She is a go-getter in her early thirties, whose children are super cute, albeit of the four legged and hairy variety!  She was expressing her frustration in most applicants being young mothers, and her not wanting to employ someone who had those commitments.  Yes, I could have got all mad and defensive, and gone down a discrimination war path, but instead I told her the truth – Moms get sh*t done honey!

Yes, Moms (and Dads) have extra commitments – they are called children.  They get sick, they get hurt, they sometimes do anything they can think of to try and stay home for the day, which in turn means Mom may have to stay home too.  They are slow to get ready, so slow…  Then when they are finally ready they spill things on their shirts, or forget their show and tell for school, or heaven forbid you get out the door and are on your way to drop them off before work, and you need to turn around and go back home because they really need to poop. Yes, occasionally Moms may be late.  They don’t want to be late though, and will do everything in their god given Supermama power toolbox to ensure it happens as least frequently as possible.

Here’s the good news – Moms get sh*t done.  Moms are amazing multitaskers – have you seen how many things they can do at once?  Moms are incredible negotiators – how do you think they get their child to sit still at the doctor, or eat their veggies?  Moms are fantastic peace keepers, planners and my goodness can they work under pressure – did you know a prerequisite for being a Mom is being able to run a household efficiently while keeping children from killing each other and getting to soccer and dancing on time (even though they start at the same time)?  Seriously though, not only do they get shit done, but with a bit of understanding and flexibility, they will be some of the most grateful and loyal employees around, which will further save an employer time, stress and money.  My professional opinion (as a, well, mother) is that Moms make fantastic employees.   If you are a small business owner, and have had doubts about employing someone with extra commitments, I would really encourage you to take a chance on a Mom.  If you are a Mom and a dedicated employee, I applaud you gorgeous.  Keep doing your thing!

After calming down from an epic meltdown, my exhausted three and a half year old climbed up onto my lap, and snuggled into my arms, to talk about what had just happened and how he was feeling.

As he buried his head into my chest and wrapped his little fingers around mine, any frustration I had a few minutes earlier when he was saying (okay, he was screaming) you are not my friend anymore’, melted away in an instant. 

I started to stroke his hair and we spoke about the big angry feelings he just experienced, what kind and unkind choices looked like and as I was telling him that being angry is okay, but being unkind is not, I felt his little fingers loosen their grip.

I looked down to see that he had fallen asleep!  I couldn’t remember the last time he had climbed up into my lap and fallen asleep right there in my arms.

He may only be three, but he is a real little boy now!  He seems to be getting bigger and braver and bolder and smarter and more independent with every day that passes.  In fact, he often tells people he is 5 – and they usually believe him!

As I sat there with almost 50 pounds of child in my lap, and an endless list of things I ‘should’ have been doing, I briefly contemplated moving him to his bed.

But, before I could even finish that thought my phone jingled next to me.  It was a photo from a friend – of her lunch no less. We love to share and see what other people are eating, right?

It only takes a second to snap a picture with your phone these days.  We not only take photos of good food, but selfies, sunsets and every other thing that finds its way into our day.

We, as mamas, also tend to take plenty of pictures of our children, our babes, even pictures of our babes with their Daddy’s, but how often do you (or does someone else) take a picture of YOU with your babe?  How many pictures do you have of you together?

How many special moments, like your ‘big’ boy sleeping in your arms with his head nestled into your chest, do you actually have?  I now have one more than I did last week!

I took a photo of us together as he slept peacefully, despite my un-brushed hair (what’s new!?) and his dirty face, and wondered how long it would be until it happened again?  What if it never happened again?

I decided the endless list of things I ‘should’ have been doing could wait.  What if this turned out to be the last time I had an opportunity to enjoy and capture a moment like it?  You just never know…  Take the picture Mama.

krystal - Take The Picture Mama!

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