Intuition, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.  Your inner voice, or gut feeling, a sensation or a hunch.  Your intuition is a powerful force that you hold within you.  An intimate and instinctual asset that is so often ignored or unused.  We are taught to be rational – to look at facts and think logically.  With technology, we have an abundance of information right at our fingertips.  So much so, that we don’t even need to stop and think, let alone feel, when trying to find a solution or assess a situation.  We have so much distrust and discomfort in relying on our intuition, when in fact it is there to guide us and should be welcomed and respected.  

Have you ever walked into a house and just known that it was the right one?  Or wrong one!?  Or have you ever met someone and had a ‘bad feeling’ about them only to discover something untoward after?  Or, as a mother, have you had a moment when you just knew something was wrong with your baby despite there being no blatant signs why? Or how about crazy ‘coincidences’ or omens that are seemingly guiding you towards something – even if you try to ignore them or fob them off!  These feelings and occurrences are your intuition.  The more you are open to receiving this sense, the more you will realize its force.   Your intuition will often guide you to an answer, even if it also causes you to be at war with your own logical mind – which will sometimes happen!  Just trust the process.  Trust in yourself.  Just like you can choose to ignore your intuition, you can also nurture and call on it when needed.

Tips to nurture your intuition:

1.  Journal.

The Divine Power Of Intuition

Write down your feelings and synchronicities and reflect from time to time.  You will be amazed how much you already knew, had you listened.

2.  Meditate.

The Divine Power Of Intuition

Set your intentions around receiving rather than ignoring.  Be still and un-busy yourself.  Don’t be too busy to notice when your intuition is tapping you on the shoulder.

3.  Be mindful.

The Divine Power Of Intuition

Listen.  Really listen, without judgement.  Act mindfully when dealing with emotions.  When you are too emotionally ‘worked up’ and just not feeling like yourself, you are disconnected from your true inner self, and as such, your intuition.

It is so easy to dismiss your gut feelings when your brain is telling you that there is no rationale behind those feelings, but the power lies in receiving and balancing that oh so powerful intuition we hold within us to bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious mind.  Trust your intuition and see what happens… Is there a moment in your life where you trusted your intuition and it effected a decision you had to make?  We would love to hear about it by leaving a comment below!

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Earlier in the week we shared part one of ‘How To Make ‘That Time Of The Month’ A More Comfortable One (Part 1)’. From cleaning up your diet to reducing stress, there are some very simple but effective ways to reduce discomfort and pain during your period.  Here are 5 more tips to consider!

1.  Move it.

How To Make ‘That Time Of The Month’ More Comfortable (Part 2)

Although some days moving might feel like the last thing you want to do, exercise has been proven to reduces stress, release endorphins and boost circulation – all of which are great ways to combat feelings of discomfort and pain.  Move in a way that feels good to you, whether that be boxing or ballet!

2.  Essential oils.

natural rose perfume

There are numerous essential oils that may help relieve abdominal cramping or inflammation and pain associated with you period.  Oils not only smell nice, they are very therapeutic!  My favourite is a blend of lavender, cinnamon and sweet marjoram oil mixed with a carrier oil (I use coconut oil) rubbed directly onto the abdomen.  This serves as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  Always double check which oils you can use if taking medication or pregnant.

3.  Reduce alcohol.

bottles of wine

Not only can alcohol increase cramping during menstruation, but it also amplifies mood instabilities and depression.  While you may almost automatically reach for the wine bottle next time your period comes around, think again – it is unlikely to do you any favours, particularly at this time of the month!

4.  Rethink sanitary items.

How To Make ‘That Time Of The Month’ More Comfortable (Part 2)

If you currently use tampons and experience discomfort, pain or dryness, try an alternative!  My preferred product is a menstrual cup – read all about them here.  Not only are many tampons are full of chemicals (aka hormone disrupters) but they can irritate vaginal walls and the cervix creating discomfort.  Many people have reported that by switching products they have experienced less pain and discomfort, and even shorter periods – worth a shot I’d say!

5.  Ditch your painful appointments.

How To Make ‘That Time Of The Month’ More Comfortable (Part 2)

Did you know that your pain threshold ebbs and flows throughout your menstrual cycle?  The week before, and the week of your period, your pain threshold is at its lowest. A simple wax could bring tears to your eyes, let alone a tattoo or piercing appointment!  Do yourself a favour and schedule any particularly painful appointments for the week after your period.

Next time your period arrives, don’t let it takeover your life and resort to eating donuts, laying on the couch and crying for 5 days – though zero judgement here if you do, we’ve all been there at some stage, right?  Instead, implement some of these strategies and rock it like a boss!  Remember, that just because something is common, does not mean it is ‘normal’ – more often than not something can be done to remedy the problem!  Of course, if you have very painful or heavy periods always see your doctor or health professional.  Happy menstruating, beautiful!

For most women, one week in every month isn’t quite as enjoyable as others.  Menstruation.  Periods.  Menses.  ‘That time of the month’.  The average woman will experience approximately 350 of these weeks in her lifetime.  From cramping to raging hormones, headaches, bloating, back and/or breast pain – the list goes on!  Firstly, let me just say that just because these symptoms are common, it does not necessarily mean they are ‘normal’.  Thankfully, there are some very easy things we can do, or be mindful of, to make this sacred time of the month a more comfortable one!

1.  Eat real food.

How to make ‘that time of the month’ a more comfortable one (Part 1)

What we eat effects our hormones.  If you suffer from painful periods, it would be highly advantageous for you to eat as many fresh and whole foods as possible.  The pain we encounter during our period is due to inflammation, so it makes sense for us to avoid the foods that create an inflammatory response.  Processed foods, caffeine, sugar and refined carbs should be avoided, while foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as green leafy vegies, turmeric, pineapple and ginger should be enjoyed.

2.  Catch your Z’s.

How to make ‘that time of the month’ a more comfortable one (Part 1)

Some women find it more difficult to get a restful night sleep during their period, however it is vital to ensure you are getting your 7-9 hours per night to give your body a chance to heal and rejuvenate.  It does a very clever job while you are sleeping!

3.  Drink up.

How to make ‘that time of the month’ a more comfortable one (Part 1)

Water of course!  During your period you will most likely retain fluid – AKA bloating!  Although it sounds counterproductive to add more fluid to your body, the more dehydrated you are, the more your body will hang on to fluid leaving you feel ‘ick’.  Stay hydrated beautiful!

4.  It’s getting hot in here.

How to make ‘that time of the month’ a more comfortable one (Part 1)

How amazing does a heat pack (I love the ones with rice in them) or water bottle feel on your tummy when you aren’t feeling well?  The heat soothes and relaxes your muscles.  If you don’t have a heat pack, hop in a nice warm bath.

5.  Relieve Stress.

How to make ‘that time of the month’ a more comfortable one (Part 1)

Just like certain foods can have a toxic effect on our bodies causing our hormones to be out of whack, so can stress!  Right now, you might have multiple ‘daily stressors’ – work, relationships, motherhood, finances, etc.  When we are stressed, cortisol and adrenalin are released, and if we don’t make time to relieve ourselves from those stresses our hormones stay in a heightened state depleting our adrenal reserves and causing fatigue.  Throw a menstrual cycle into the mix, with your body already doing it’s very best to juggle all these hormones and you can very quickly be heading for burn out.  It is essential to unwind and relieve stress on a regular basis – meditation, journaling and breathing are all simple, can be done just about anywhere, and cost nothing.

Keep that gorgeous smile on your dial all month round with ‘How To Make That ‘Time of the Month’ A More Comfortable One’ (Part Two)!

Journaling is a wonderful way to record your personal thoughts and ideas. I personally journal for reflection, intention setting, gratitude, planning, digging deep emotionally and more.  Other people may journal for different reasons, and that is the beauty of it – there is no right or wrong way to do it!  With the start of a new year you may find yourself wanting to get intimate with your thoughts by the way of journaling, or you may be an old hand at it but looking for new ways to go about it.  There are so many different journals on the market, and it can be difficult to work out which is the right journal for you.  I thought I would share the three journals I am using this year, and why.

1.  My Shining Year

Which Journal Is Right For You?

These gorgeously artistic workbooks are the brain (and love!) child of Leonie Dawson.  There are numerous products in the range including life and business workbooks and a weekly diary/planner.  They were first released in 2009 and have now been used by more than 250,000 people!  This is the first year I have used these stunning workbooks and I am a little bit in love with them.  They are very creative and have been illustrated beautifully.  Although they aren’t a daily journal as such, they are workbooks that claim to transform your life, and according to many devoted fans, they really do!  The life book is a wonderful place to start, with dedicated sections on creativity, the mind, relationships, body, finances, self-care etc.  The book is full of prompts and leaves ample space for you to get creative.  It is the sort of book you can work through and complete as it feels right, and that you will most certainly also reflect on throughout the year. I would highly recommend these books for anyone who wants to plan the year ahead, be mindful of all parts of their life (particularly if you have your own business), that wants to be more creative, and who has some beautiful goals to reach!  Find the books here! And be quick, because they are currently half price!

2.  Daily Greatness Journal

Which Journal Is Right For You?

I ummed and ahhed about this journal and nearly didn’t buy one – simply because I had already chosen some others.  Then I went to visit a friend who had just received hers and after flipping through I went home and ordered straight away!  Daily Greatness have a range of different journals, including but not limited to, a 12 week training journal (which I am also using), a wellness journal and a parenting journal.  These journals have a page per day and full of prompts – the right prompts!  Each day of the week has a different set of questions, and although there isn’t blank pages to dump your thoughts on, there is space to record your appointments/schedule and reminders.  At the end of each week is a weekly check in and planner for the week ahead, and again at the end of each 90 day period.  The pages are undated so you can begin at any time, and if you miss a day it is totally fine!  I have very quickly fallen in love with this journal and am sure I will continue to use these for years to come.  Check out these awesome journals here.

3.  Any blank journal/notebook/paper

Which Journal Is Right For You?

You don’t need something fancy to be able to journal.  You literally just need a space to release your thoughts and dream your future.  Paper, book, computer – whatever works for you!  The reason I like to use a blank journal, is because although some days I am happy to answer some prompted questions and be done with it, other days I like to write, a lot.  Some days you need to dig deep to try and work out why you are feeling a certain way, or to simply dump your thoughts and feelings anywhere other than inside your head, or you may have some lengthy goals you want to plan.  The beauty of a blank book is that there are no boundaries, there is no right and wrong.  You can simply write until your heart is content!  You can also search for journaling prompts online if you would like to use your blank book/paper/computer but want some inspiration or ideas on what to write.

It doesn’t matter what journal you use, or how you do it, as long as it works for you!  The start of the new year is a wonderful time to release things from your past and align yourself with your values and goals for the year ahead.  Dream big!  The world is yours gorgeous.  We would love to know what sort of journal you use, and why?

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My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years.  We have been married for more than half of that, lead busy lives and have a toddler that keeps us on our toes – and highly entertained of course!  Date nights are a great concept, but we have found that date days often work better for us!   The idea of ‘dating’ your significant other after you have been together for quite some time is beautiful, particularly for couples that have full schedules and don’t get a huge amount of time on their own.  It is so important to create quality time with your spouse and for the relationship you share.

I remember turning to google after our son was born, to find some ideas for things we could do together, on our own.  There were plenty of ideas out there, but many were night time activities, expensive or needed planning in advance.   It is so nice to be able to do things spontaneously when plans change, or simply because you can!  It’s also nice to have some ideas up your sleeve that vary in duration – sometimes you might have a whole day, other times just a few hours.  Make the most of it regardless.  My husband is a very traditional guy, that is easily pleased with simple but fun activities.  Suggestions such as dance classes, cooking workshops, retreats and pottery just aren’t his cup of tea, so together we have put together a great list of fuss-free day date ideas that you could try this weekend!

1.  Hit the water

Fishing, swimming, SUPing (stand up paddle boarding), surfing, snorkeling – the list is endless!  There are so many different water activities you can try if you have a beach, lake or similar nearby.  You might have a boat you can go out in the ocean in, or you might simply choose to go for a swim at the local pool.  The aim is to get wet and have fun!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Stokpic

2.  Fun fun fun

Arcade games, bowling, roller skating.  Laughs a plenty are almost guaranteed when you turn back time and find a local bowling centre or skating rink! And, of course, there is nothing like your partner winning you an oversized plush toy at an arcade!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Skitterphoto

3.  Ride it baby

Bike riding, quad/motorbike riding, horse riding.  If you don’t own a bike/quad/horse, chance are there is somewhere nearby you can hire one or participate in a guided ride.  Giddy up!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Source: Pexels

4.  Stay in

Board games, movie, good food, plan a holiday.  These dates require zero planning, money or travel.  Sometimes staying in, but without the usual children climbing on you, laptop open, million and one chores being done between cooking, is the best type of date you can go on.  Switch off your usual day and simply make it about you and him/her.  Cook your favourite meal or order it in.  Play a game or watch a movie, or even plan your next holiday together!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Breakingpic

5.  Back to nature

Trail walk, mountain climb, day trip.  One of our favourite things to do is go for a day trip somewhere close by.  Our trip nearly always involves a long walk at a beach or in the bush somewhere!  There really is something beautiful about discovering a new place, or seeing something new together!

5 Fuss-Free Date Day Ideas Credit: Pexels / Josh Willink

Don’t let time or finances stop you from creating those beautiful moments of connection with your partner.  Whether you have a weekend to yourselves or just an hour or two, there is always something you can do to suit you and your circumstances.  Put your phone on silent and be present in the moment, be grateful for wonderful company, and enjoy your date day!

featured image contributors template 132 - 5 Fuss-Free Day Date Ideas

If you have been reading my blogs for a little while, you will know that I am huge believer in changing your life through changing your mindset, and there is a ton of books available that can help you do exactly that!  You know when you are reading something and you have an ‘a-ha’ moment – those books, they are the ones I adore!  I can’t go past a book that speaks to your soul and really makes you stop and think.  There are some amazing women out there pouring their hearts and lives in to the books they write, to empower and enrich the lives of others.  Here are my current top 5 books that I believe every woman should read this year!

1.  The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

‘Make peace with food, love your body, and reclaim your life’.  Sounds pretty rad right?  This book is a must have for anyone who has let their weight or appearance define them, who has lived their life on a dieting merry-go-round, or who has battled food and themselves for too long.  I found myself nodding along to nearly every page, and tearing up on more than one occasion while reading this book.  It explains how you can live a healthy life and have a guilt-free love filled relationship with our bodies without deprivation.  Ahhh, what a revelation!

2.  The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

‘Transform fear to faith’.  A book about reclaiming our power, finding strength and happiness from within by surrendering to the universe, and relinquishing the need to control every little thing.  Can you relate?  I sure could!  I was hooked on this book after reading the first few pages and didn’t put it down until I was finished.  Gabby talks about how we are the universe, and how our true purpose is to be love and spread love – everything comes back to love after all.  If you struggle with re-occurring blocks in your life, or often feel overwhelmed by the world we live in, this is the book for you.

3.  Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

‘How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead’.  I first discovered Brene’s work at a local women’s wellness seminar.  As part of the slideshow they shared one of the quotes from Daring Greatly.  It said “Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness.  It means cultivating the courage, compassion and connection to wake up in the morning and think ‘no matter what gets done, and no matter how much is left un-done, I am enough’.  It’s going to bed at night thinking ‘yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth, that I am brave and worthy of love and belonging’.”.  This one quote was part of a pivotal turning point in my life.  After 30+ years being on this earth, I finally had the epiphany that I WAS enough!  This book talks about showing up and being seen by embracing our vulnerability and imperfection in order to live our best life.  It deep dives into what being vulnerable is about, and discusses shame and guilt.  Although this book is certainly not just for parents, if you are a mama, I highly recommend reading it!

4.  You Are Enough by Cassie Mendoza-Jones.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

‘How to elevate your thoughts, align your energy and get out of the comparison trap’.  The title won me, I won’t lie.  When you are on this beautiful yet murky journey to wellness and self-discovery, the notion that you are enough is very appealing.  Perhaps you don’t believe it yet, but you so desperately want to (or was that just me?), so this title almost yells out your name!  The wonderful thing is reading and believing with each turn of the page – you truly are enough!  It starts with acceptance, exactly as you are in this very moment.   If you are someone that too often compares yourself with others or is convinced that you will not be worthy until you lose x kilos or earn x dollars, then you should be reading this book!

5.  The Power is Within You by Louise Hay.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

This book is hands down one of the best I have read by Louise.  If you are dealing with depression, grief or addiction of some form, or if you are simply feeling like you have lost touch with you, this book will help evaluate your thoughts.  It is about self-love.  It is about reconnecting with and listening to your inner self to break down the barriers and blocks holding you back.  Like all of Louise’s work, it is written simply and beautifully and is a book that you will probably read and re-read and book mark and dog ear and highlight (who am I kidding?  I do that with most of my books!).  I really believe that there is something in this book for everyone, and depending on where you are in this crazy beautiful thing called life, you may take away a different lesson each time you pick it up.  When we realise that the power is within us, nothing is out of our reach.

5 Books Every Woman Should Read in 2017

Five beautiful books.  Five amazingly fabulous authors.  Five soul touching reads.  Which one are you going to read first?

{Editor’s Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}

Last year was without a doubt, the most exciting year of personal growth and transformation I have ever experienced.  It didn’t involve a wedding, or a baby or a new career.  It didn’t include buying a new house, exciting travel plans or moving interstate.  It didn’t cost anything, but a hell of a lot was gained.

I reconnected with myself.  I fell in love with this awesome chick that I had been beating down my entire life.  I embraced an extraordinarily capable body that has given me it’s best even when I treated it the worst.  I came into my power.  I spoke my truth.  I followed my heart.  Let me be clear when I say that not every day of 2016 was sunshine and rainbows – I had my fair share of tears and tribulation.  I did perhaps try to look at things in a different light though, and for that I am grateful!

As the new year quickly arrived, I made the conscious choice to continue on this path of self-discovery and wellness during 2017.  Why wouldn’t I with all that awesome shit going on?  Not only am I going to keep going, but I am going to keep stepping it up!  I have decided that 2017 is going to be unlike any other year in my life.  I am going to live more, rather than just exist.  I am going to feel more joy and less guilt.  I am going to step outside my comfort zone and experience more than I ever have before.  And, I decided that needed to start on January 1st, not in a month or so, or when I lost some weight, or any other thing I previously may have deemed necessary to be worthy.  So, I woke up on January 1st, and this happened…

How I Celebrated The New Year

It seemed like a glorious way to commemorate how far I have come in accepting and embracing myself, exactly as I am today and the perfect way to celebrate the new year and all it has to offer.  This moment in time represents freedom, courage, vulnerability and acceptance – essentials for self-love!  While I won’t necessarily be making a habit of going topless at the beach (or anywhere for that matter) it was a completely liberating and empowering experience, and one I may just continue as a yearly ritual to celebrate the new year!  Remember that life is for living fearlessly and fun!  Get out there – be bold, be proud, be you!

2017 is just around the corner, and everywhere I look is another celebrity diet or gym offering you a ticket to a new you in 2017.  A new you is always enticing right!?  In years gone by, I would always make a New Year’s resolutions based around changing how I looked or promising myself that I would ‘be good’ or ‘do better’.  Drop a dress size, lose 10kg, commit to a strict paleo diet etc.  You get the drift!  I never really stopped and thought about all the other ways I could create a new me, or grow internally into another happier, improved version of me.  I have already seen friends around me declaring that 2017 is their year to get back to their pre-baby body, or completely cut sugar out of their diet, or maybe go to the gym 5 mornings a week without fail.  Well guess what?  Firstly, they probably will ‘fail’.  Perhaps not due lack of motivation or commitment, but because they have something unexpected pop up, or they feel unwell, or life just happens…

We put so much pressure on ourselves when we set strict goals or create goals from a place of hate or deprivation, and before we know it the things we should be doing because we enjoy them, like moving our bodies, become a burden or a chore (or even punishment).  Setting goals is fantastic, but please oh please beautiful girl, make them realistic and create them from a place of love, not fear!

New Year, New You

When thinking about the year ahead, instead of focusing on changing the physical you, consider working on the inner you!  I can almost guarantee (almost!) that when you start focussing on the internal stuff, the external stuff will follow – body image, relationships, etc.   Instead of jumping on the diet bandwagon, or punishing yourself with hours on the treadmill every day (unless that is totally your jam!) here are three different things you could think about doing to create a new you in the new year.

1.  Read more often.

New Year, New You

I’m not talking about newspapers or comic books either, I’m talking about books that foster self-growth! There are some amazingly empowering, soul touching books out there.  Books like ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabby Bernstein or ‘Rise Sister Rise’ by Rebecca Campbell are some great places to start.  If you can create some time before bed most nights to do some reading that will connect with your inner goddess, even one chapter, you are setting yourself up for good things!  If reading a book isn’t your ‘thing’, there are plenty of gorgeous blogs, audio books and podcasts at your disposal!

2.  Bump self-care to the top of your to-do list.

New Year, New You

I am a huge believer in practising self-care every single day, to some degree.  However, if it is a foreign concept to you or you can’t see how you could possibly make it work, start with one day a month.  Actually schedule the day into your diary, even if it is only an hour or two, and be sure to follow through.  You may give yourself a facial and enjoy a hot bath, in peace, on your own, with no interruptions.  You may choose to go to the beach and read a book or do some writing/journaling.  You might like to make a beautiful nourishing meal and sit down and enjoy it in the sunshine, mindfully, slowly, without worrying about anyone else.  Or, maybe you could book in something regular that you enjoy, such as yoga class or art lessons.  Whatever it is, ensure it is something that brings you peace and joy and reminds you how amazing and worthy you are to give yourself that time.

3.  Try something new.

New Year, New You

This could be ANYTHING!  Is there something you have always wanted to do but never have, due to some sort of fear around what will happen if you do?  Last year, I went to the beach in my swimmers for the first time – holy liberating!  It was something I have always wanted to do but thought I couldn’t.   I can tell you now that there will be plenty more visits to the beach this coming year!  Trying something new is about doing something that steps you a little out of your comfort zone but brings a sense of accomplishment, pride or confidence.  It could be hosting a dinner party using fresh whole foods, climbing a mountain, joining in a belly dancing class, or writing a book!  The possibilities are endless.  When you start to see how very capable you are of doing things you have only ever dreamt of before, you realise that you really can do anything!

New Year, New You

In 2017 I urge you to embrace and nurture your authentic self.  Focus less on how you look and more on how you feel.  Do more of what makes you happy and makes you feel good, and less of what you ‘think’ you have to do or society expects you to do for a desired outcome.  Self-growth, self-care and self-love are where it’s at.  Get ready baby, you are about to grow in ways you never imagined!  Happy New Year!

One thing about my physical appearance that always makes me feel beautiful, is healthy glowing skin.  If I haven’t been looking after myself as well as I should (or deserve) it often shows on my skin very quickly – dullness, dryness, lines or spots just to name a few symptoms.  Although there are multitudes of skin products on the market that may assist with that elusive youthfulness and radiance that we desire, I truly believe that first and foremost, the appearance of our skin is determined by our internal health.  It can be a great reflection of what is going on in there!  Before you run out to buy the newest bottle of face cream or fancy body exfoliant, check out my tips below!

1.  If your skin is feeling dull, dry, or even flaky, make sure you are drinking enough water!

5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

Not only does water help inflammation and spots by clearing out toxins, it also helps deliver nutrients in our bodies and make skin appear smoother.

2.  Re-evaluate your nutrition.

5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

There are so many foods that can contribute to better skin.  When our nutrition is out of whack, so is our skin. Two things to limit or avoid that effect our skin negatively, are sugar and dairy.  They can contribute to a stimulation of enzymes that that ultimately breakdown collagen and elastin which leads to uneven skin tone and premature aging. Some of the best things to incorporate are antioxidants – particularly purple ones!  Think purple cauliflower, blueberries etc.  Other berries and leafy greens are also great.  These foods increase circulation and blood flow to help deliver nutrients to form collagen and elastin (which gives your skin strength and elasticity) and generates new cells.

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3.  Reduce chemicals.

5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

Your skin is your biggest organ, and it soaks up everything – please think twice before lathering yourself in a chemical shit storm!  We are so lucky to have an abundance of non-toxic products on the market, and you may even find once you start to consider the other tips here, that you might need as many products as you used to!

4.  DIY.

5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

Yes, do it yourself! Instead of fancy store bought products take a look in your kitchen for DIY alternatives that your skin will love.  Things like coconut oil for your skin and teeth, ground coffee or sugar as exfoliants or honey and avocado for your face!  A quick search on Pinterest and you will find a multitude of fab DIY ideas for glowing skin!

5.  S is for shitty skin.

5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

Sun, smoking, stress and sleep deprivation are all catalysts for less than ideal skin.  Do your best to avoid the sun during the most damaging parts of the day, and be sure to cover up and be sun smart when you are outside.  Smoking is bad news for so many reasons, but when it comes to your skin, your habit is probably doing more damage to your skin alone than you realise.  It narrows your blood vessels resulting in decreased blood flow, and damages collagen and elastin. Stress plays havoc with our hormones, which in turn can play havoc with our skin.  For example, when our stress hormone cortisol is activated which can increase oil production resulting in pimples or acne.  And that is just the start.  Stress can trigger an autoimmune reaction so has now been linked to many skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.  Stress less beautiful!  Lastly sleep deprivation.  Again, this can lower circulation which is why we often wake pale and ‘dull’, or with puffy eyes when we haven’t had enough sleep.

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5 Super Tips for Glowing Skin

It’s important to remember that our hormones do play a big role with our skin, and there are certain times in our life where it may feel like you have no control of how it looks – pregnancy is a great example!  Like anything to do with our physical selves, we need treat our body with respect, embrace it in the moment, and continue to love it as it deserves.  The more we do that, the better it will respond, and by implementing the tips above hopefully your skin will glow more often than not!

Last week I opened my emails to find out I had been selected as a Body Image Movement (BIM) global ambassador – yay!  But what the heck is that I hear you ask?  The Body Image Movement website says that the BIM is an internationally recognised crusade that was founded on the belief that your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams. BIM believes that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability.  A-freaking-men!  How refreshing is that?  The simple notion that EVERYBODY is worthy no matter how they look.  I am so passionate about spreading the message of self-love and worth, and earlier in the week I spoke here about the movement that is happening, and promised to share some simple but effective ways to start accepting and celebrating yourself today – right now!

1.  Appreciate the amazingly wondrous body you have!

What No One Tells You About Body Positivity and Self-Love

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If you have ever treated your body in a less than desirable way (maybe inactivity, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse etc) yet you are still here with that marvelous vessel doing the very best it can, give yourself a high five.  If you have ever grown a baby, give yourself a high five – that shit is hard!  If you have ever had a headache, tummy ache or been tired, give yourself a massive high five!  No I’m not crazy, let me explain.  Our very clever bodies are phenomenal!  We do some intense things to our bodies in our lifetime but it continues to function as well as it can.  It even talks to us!  Headaches, tummy aches and tiredness (among many other things) are all feedback – we just need to listen.  Maybe you ate something your body didn’t love.  Or maybe you have been stressed.  When we start to reconnect with our bodies and acknowledge how amazing they are, you will very quickly start to appreciate it even more.

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2.  Remember that you are more than what you look like.

What No One Tells You About Body Positivity and Self-Love

You are the kind words that you speak. You are everything you have achieved.  You are the choices that you make.  You are the embrace that comforts a child.  You are worthy.  You are enough.  You are so many things beautiful girl.  Celebrate every one of them!

3.  Put health before beauty.

What No One Tells You About Body Positivity and Self-Love

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Focus on being healthy and how you feel, rather than what you look like. Most importantly, put your mental/emotional health first.  Do you realise how damaging the words are that you tell yourself?  Every time you look in the mirror and say that you are disgusting, or ugly, or worthless, you are sending a harsh and heartbreaking message to your inner self.  Our minds believe whatever we tell them, so how about we flip the switch on negativity and start telling ourselves some positive truths.  Tell yourself that you are amazing!  You are kind!  You are capable!  You are worthy!

It is time to end the body-loathing and body-shaming culture we have created.  The documentary ‘Embrace’ is a MUST see for every woman of every age.  Gather your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters and check it out – join the movement.  With acceptance, comes joy.  With joy comes celebration.  With celebration comes happiness.  Embrace You.  Embrace Her.

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What No One Tells You About Body Positivity and Self-Love

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{Editor’s Note: Krystal Gordon is an ambassador for the Body Image Movement, but Parfait is not affiliated or sponsored by the Body Image Movement or Embrace.}
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