Have you noticed the movement that is happening?  People accepting and celebrating all body types.  People embracing all that they are, perfect imperfections and all!  After a lifetime of self-loathing and internal battles, people, women, are starting to look beyond their size or shape or scars and instead they are appreciating their glorious selves for what they truly are.  How liberating!  For so many years we have been taught to think a certain way.  To only value one type of body – you know the one, check out the billboards around you and you will see plenty of her.  Yes, she is beautiful, but so are YOU.  As children, we are taught to treat people with kindness and accept people’s differences, but then somewhere along the line it starts to change.  We start to read magazines, look at things on TV, listen to adults around us talk about other adults in a criticizing way.  The message gets more and more skewed and before we know it we are teenagers or young women looking in the mirror with disgust and shame, and telling ourselves we are not good enough.

This One Small Act of Self Love Can Change Your Relationships

This movement is massive.  It is life changing.  It is allowing women to stand tall and proud and be their authentic selves, regardless of how thick their thighs are or how perky their breasts are.  Maybe you are already part of the movement, maybe you aren’t!  Maybe you have heard about it or seen it happening, and would love to join in, but have no idea how or where to start.  It starts with acceptance.  Acceptance of you, and acceptance of her… Stop looking that gorgeous woman at the gym up and down – yeah she may be twice your size but so what!?  Stop whispering about that beautiful woman in the change room who has tattoos from head to toe, just because you ‘don’t agree with them’.  Stop telling your friend that she shouldn’t wear bikinis because she isn’t as young as she used to be.  Just stop.  Stop for a moment and think about how brainwashed and brazen we have become to pass judgement on other women.  What gives us the right?  Habit, ignorance, insecurities?  Nothing.  Nothing at all gives us the right to judge someone based on their appearance.

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krystal quotes 3 2 - This One Small Act of Self Love Will Change Your Relationships

On the flip side, how are you feeling about you lately?  Too jiggly, too hairy, too flat chested?  Have you ever stopped and thought about how the stories you tell yourself could impact someone else?  When you proclaim to others that your cellulite disgusts you, perhaps without knowing that the person you are talking to has even more dimples than you do, what message does that send to them?  If you devalue yourself due to the texture of your skin, you sure as hell can’t think too fondly about them with their bumpy butt right?  When you say that you are ashamed of yourself due to carrying some extra weight, what does that say about the girl next to you that perhaps weighs even more than you do?  Clearly she should be hanging her head in shame right?  Wrong… If you can not accept and value yourself just as you are, you may be unintentionally devaluing other women around you that may also have some of the so called ‘flaws’ you do.  When you embrace your shape, size, skin colour, you are effectively giving permission to other women around you to do the same.  If you can embrace you for all that you are, then perhaps so can she!

This One Small Act of Self Love Can Change Your Relationships

It is worth mentioning something important to me right here.  I 100% advocate a holistically healthy lifestyle.  Although I believe everyone should embrace and honor who they are right in this very moment, I also believe that by doing so, we should be aiming to live a life of wellness and happiness.  If you truly honoured and appreciated your body, you would want to look after it and treat it appropriately, so they really work hand in hand.  I also do not believe that by embracing who we are right now, doesn’t mean we don’t want to change or improve.  Most of us want to improve and grow in many aspects of our life, and that is a beautiful and healthy thing to do.  You may want to become fitter, or more flexible, or stronger, or more spiritual or leaner and that is great.  However, in order to be that person you want to be, you need to honor the person you are now.  Besides you aren’t going to get where you want to be without that incredible woman (YOU!) doing the work!  That chick you are right now, she is AMAZING!

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This One Small Act of Self Love Can Change Your Female Relationships

Part two of this series for some simple yet effective ways to start accepting and celebrating yourself today can be found here!

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here!  Carols are playing, lights are twinkling, magic is in the air!  I’ve put together 10 simple acts of self-care and kindness that you can gift YOURSELF in the lead up to Christmas – you certainly deserve it!

10 Easy Ways To Give Yourself The Christmas You Deserve

1.  Take a bath.

Yes, on your own!  Pop a Christmas movie on for the children and enjoy the bathroom alone. Dim the lights, put on some soft music and light your favourite candle.  Enjoy!

2.  Nourish your body.

This time of year is hectic!  We often find ourselves eating chocolates for breakfast or not eating at all!  Be sure to eat as much fresh real food as you can – your body will love you for it!

3.  Buy a gift for someone very special – you.

What have you been eyeing off lately?  What makes you feel amazing? It doesn’t need to be crazy expensive (or maybe it does!), but buy yourself something that makes you smile, because you are oh so worthy of that!

4.  Make it fun.

If you have a bit of a long and tedious job ahead, like cooking, crafting or gift wrapping, make it fun!  Have a wine, pop on some tunes, and maybe even invite your girlfriends around to do it together.  You will be laughing and enjoying it in no time.

5.  Breathe…

Stop.  Breathe.  Repeat.  Breathe in the magic of the season – breathe out what does not serve you.  The more frequently the better.

10 Easy Ways To Give Yourself The Christmas You Deserve

6.  Say no.

As much as we try to do everything, we simply can’t.  Something will eventually give way, don’t make that something you.  If it is not important, or not your responsibility, it is okay to say no.

7.  Paint your nails.

I always feel a little bit glam when I have freshly painted nails.  It isn’t something I always do, so it’s nice to remind myself I am worth it!

8.  Give yourself a high five.

You are amazing.  You are kind.  You are powerful.  You can do hard things.  That certainly deserves a high 5 in my book!  When things get Christmas crazy, just remember how great of a job you are doing.

9.  Move it.

Walk, dance, stretch, run, box – find something that makes you feel good and let the endorphins flow.  Take the time to move in amongst the hustle and bustle around you

10.  Give a little.

Or a lot!  When we give to others it makes us feel good too.   Give your time, donate gifts, say thank you to someone in your community. If you are in a position to brighten someone else’s day please do so.  You will probably find it brightens your day too!

10 Easy Ways To Give Yourself The Christmas You Deserve

What are you treating yourself to this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below!

As 2016 comes to an end, we often look back on the months gone by and reminisce about the positive things that happened – maybe a new job, a special holiday or a health goal being achieved.

Of course we want to justify how we spent the 365 days we were just gifted, and for many we want to feel like we have accomplished something.  That in itself is of course wonderful, but what happens when you look back and see failures, f*ck ups and fears?  Well you need to embrace them of course!  Celebrate them even!  And here is why…

Although we are quick to judge a situation or experience as being either a success or a failure, I like to look at all things as lessons.  Because really, that is all anything is!

If we dismiss the not so great moments, we also dismiss a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, or appreciate something that came from it.  Have you ever gotten to the end of the year and though ‘wow, what a waste.  I gave up on x, gave in to y and really mucked up z’? You reflect on the new year’s resolutions you set in January and feel regret start to bubble inside. I know I have in the past!

If that is you this year, step back and really think about the positive you can take away from 2016.

Why 2017 Will Be Your Best Year Yet

Jeanie Unlined Wire Bra 4802 | Jeanie Hipster 4805 in Java

Maybe you learnt a life changing lesson about trust, intuition, patience or love.

Maybe you discovered how strong you really are, or how resilient and courageous you can be.

Maybe you were introduced to a new support network or tool for coping (or thriving even!).

Maybe you discovered an opportunity for change or kindness.

Whatever it is, there will be a lesson in there somewhere! 

You owe it to yourself to honor and accept that lesson so you can move forward and continue to grow and learn.  We all have bumps in the road from time to time.  We all make mistakes, experience heartache, battle guilt and face things we sometimes wish we didn’t have to, and it is OKAY.  These experiences do not define you.

You are more than a moment in time.

Instead of slamming the door and saying good riddance to 2016, thank the year for all it has provided – celebrate the extraordinary, the ordinary, and the not so great.  Reflect on each experience honestly with an open heart, purposefully with intent.

Find something positive in every one of them and carry that goodness through to an amazing 2017.

Next year is going to be your best yet beautiful girl.  You can make it happen!

Why 2017 Will Be Your Best Year Yet

What are you most looking forward to in 2017? Tell us in the comments below!

 You know that little voice that tells you aren’t good enough, or questions your every move until you feel like it is easier to not even try?  When we are unsure if we can do something, we often reel in self-doubt.  We all experience it from time to time, even the most successful, outgoing people!  Self-doubt usually stems from fear in one form or another.  Maybe a fear of how things will turn out.  Or fear of what others will think.  Fear of failure is a popular reason people don’t even get started on something.  These fears often stem from past experiences, moments from our childhood and upbringing, that have been ingrained in us for years, so it is not always an easy thing to overcome!

3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt for a Happier and Healthier You

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Think of fear as a survival mechanism.  I once read an analogy about touching a hot stove as a child.  We touch it, get hurt and our mind says ‘never do that again’.  Thankfully!  We generally learn pretty quickly, but the problem is when we have fear about something that isn’t real, or that could be overcome, but we don’t try for fear of being hurt again.  Thankfully there is a multitude of things you can do to work on overcoming your self-doubt, and by finding one or two that work for you, and implementing them regularly, you will soon start to see your confidence increase.  Here are my top 3 tips for overcoming self-doubt.
3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt for a Happier and Healthier You

1.  Change the way you talk.

Really look at the language you use when engaging in that internal dialogue with yourself.  Your mind will believe what you tell it.  Try changing your stories and the outcome will also change.  For example, instead of saying ‘oh my gosh, everyone is going to judge me for doing x’, tell yourself the truth. The truth is ‘people will admire my courage for giving x a go’.  Remind yourself that just because you believed it once, doesn’t mean you need to believe it forever.  Just because a classmate told you that you weren’t good enough at something when you were 6 years old, does not mean you are not good enough at x now.
3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt for a Happier and Healthier You

2.  Recite a kick-ass affirmation!

I LOVE affirmations!  The trick is finding something that resonates with you and putting it into action when you feel self-doubt creeping in.  it could be something as simple as ‘I deserve happiness and will make it a priority today’.  Or ‘Self-doubt is natural, but does not define me’. Or ‘I am safe, valued and worthy’.


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3.  Assess the situation honestly.

What is the best possible outcome for the scenario at hand, and what is the worst?  Give them a score.  Usually the payoff trumps the possible negative outcome!  Also, consider the flow on effect from the positives – often there is many!  Then, look at all the things that need doing to achieve your desired outcome.  For example, if you are wanting to write a book but have self-doubt around your ability to have enough content, think about what it is you actually need.  You might need to write 10 chapters in total.  Once you determine all that is needed, break it up into manageable pieces.  There is no need to be overwhelmed by the entire task – simply work on one piece at a time.

3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt for a Happier and Healthier You

Marrianne Unlined Wire Bra P5152 | Marrianne Hipster P5155 in Black/Silver
Self-doubt holds us back from living the life we want.  By overcoming that doubt, we open doors to opportunity and freedom.  With opportunity and freedom comes happiness.  You are enough.  Get out there and reach for all your heart desires!

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Can you believe December is here already!?  With carols playing, lights and tress going up, parties happening, and Christmas day just around the corner, it certainly is the most magical time of the year!  However, for some it can be a very stressful time with so many presents to buy, events to organise, family visiting and a million things to be done in between.  Take a minute to stop.  Breathe.  Enjoy the season for what it is, and do things from a place of love rather than obligation.  It is so easy to work ourselves into a flurry during the hype of the holiday season, and we forget to enjoy the small but significant things.  A few years ago, I came across this picture (on Pinterest) of an altered holiday to do list and I just fell in love!  It is great reminder to focus more on the things that truly matter, rather than the superficial (albeit sometimes fun) things we seem to get caught up in.  Here are 3 of my favourite things to do to get into the true spirit of Christmas.


Pinterest / stephsrenee

1.  Connect

Go and visit that family member you have been ‘too busy’ to see. If they are too far away to visit, take the time to write them a short letter and send them a card with some recent photos or set up a family skype session.  Enjoy the moments playing with your children.  Put your phone/laptop down and really be mindful and take it all in.  These moments will pass all too quickly!  By removing distractions and really connecting, you will enjoy them for what they really are. Take some time for yourself to meditate and reconnect with yourself during the busy season. Schedule that coffee date with your friend who you see far less often than you would like.  Don’t let another month pass by!


2.  Give give give

How lucky are most of us to have all of life’s necessities right at our fingertips? A roof over our head, food in our tummies, clothes on our back, water on demand, etc.  We even have plenty of things we don’t need, yet still want more.  Sadly, there are so many people that don’t have the necessities we so often take for granted, but there are many ways you help bring some Christmas magic to their lives.  Donate, volunteer or support a great cause.  Food, clothes, your time or toys – every bit helps!   Involve your children and start teaching them young about the beauty of giving.


3.  Bring the magic to life with Christmas activities!

I am talking Christmas carols, lights, Christmas baking, beautiful scents such as cinnamon and cloves throughout the house, Christmas movies, visiting Santa for a photo, decorating your tree, Christmas stories and Christmas crafts with your children.  We love to decorate our house and it brings so much joy seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they stop to take a look.  Then there are the community Christmas carols – I always rally a group a friends and family to go and enjoy the experience together and it always so much fun!  We also have a cheeky Elf on the Shelf here that visits every morning with a mini stocking that says how many more sleeps until Christmas and brings a little note with an activity or healthy treat.  Every single morning there is excitement around this wonderful time of year!


There is nothing more beautiful then spreading holiday cheer and using some of your very own Christmas magic to brighten someone’s day!  It doesn’t need to be huge, or cost a lot of money.  Time and the connection we crave are the most beautiful things you can give to manifest the true spirit of Christmas this year.  What is your favourite activity to do during the holiday season?

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Everywhere I look lately I see articles about weight gain over the holiday season, or advertising for weight loss programs and products with some sort of reference to Christmas or the festive period.  It is almost like we pre-empt ourselves for an unhealthy December!

Before the celebrations even start, we decide that we are going to indulge in anything and everything for 30 days, and the efforts we’ve made to improve our health over the previous few months can take a backseat so we can ‘enjoy’ this time of year.  Because the end of the year doesn’t really matter when we are about to have a whole new fresh start in the new year right?  Wrong…

Feel Fabulous About Food This Festive Season1

Firstly, let me say that I am ALL about living.  I am all about enjoying social situations and indulging in things that you truly enjoy, including food, from time to time.  Of course, with the holiday season typically comes more events and get togethers than usual, but that is no reason to write off your whole month!

By giving in before you even get started, you can almost guarantee that you are going to end your year feeling less than great, whether that be physically or emotionally – or both! Wouldn’t you rather spend your holidays feeling energised, happy and healthy, rather than bloated, foggy and guilty?  I know which one I would choose, so here are my top 3 tips for feeling fabulous about food this festive season.

I know which one I would choose, so here are my top 3 tips for feeling fabulous about food this festive season.

Feel Fabulous About Food This Festive Season

Parfait Carole Padded Bra and Bikini

1.  Don’t turn a less than desirable moment into a less than desirable day or week.

Have you ever eaten sweets or fast-food then decided ‘oh well, I might as well write off today and get back on the bandwagon tomorrow’?  Or worse, done the same thing mid-week so decided to write off the rest of your week so you can start fresh on Monday?  This is what a lot of women tend to do in December!

Instead of doing that, why not enjoy the family lunch complete with pie and sweets (if you so choose) but then finish off your day with a nourishing meal your body wants?  You might have a work function, a social Christmas party, family dinner and a group celebration over the next 4 weeks – that is 4 meals.  If you are eating 3 meals a day, that leaves another 80 where you can choose beautiful nourishing real food, rather than just writing off the entire month!

2. Make an empowering choice.

Can you think of a time where you were faced with the decision of choosing between something you thought you really wanted in the moment (maybe a donut!) and something that you knew was a healthier choice, and you chose the healthy option?

I know personally I find it very empowering when I make a choice based on love and respect for my body, rather than a craving or story I have been telling myself – such as donuts are so good.  They actually aren’t that great, and they certainly leave me feeling less than great!  Just because something is put in front of you, or handed to you this holiday season, it doesn’t mean you have to say yes, or accept it.

Empower yourself by making choices your body will thank you for!

3. Be prepared! 

More often than not, we know when we are going to a function.  There are a few things you can do to help you be prepared and feel fabulous about food while socialising.

Firstly, eat before you go!  Probably not ideal in the instance of a dinner or lunch, but certainly worthwhile for those afternoon catch ups or evening events.  If you eat a delicious satisfying meal before you head out, you will be less tempted to snack on whatever is put in front of you.

Secondly, offer to bring something!  Throw together a beautiful tapas style platter filled with real food – olives, veggie sticks, homemade dips, chorizo etc.  Chances are you won’t be the only one searching for some real food in amongst the sea of tinned ham and candy canes either!

Lastly, if you know that you are going to a work function and you will enjoy having a few wines, maybe don’t book a catch up with your girlfriends the following night when you know you will want to do the same thing again! Plan your agenda, be kind to your body.


Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Don’t spend it being at war with yourself, whether that be due to ill effects from not so desirable nutrition choices, or from an internal battle with your conscience.  By all means, enjoy the season!

Remember that eating as much Christmas pudding and drinking as much champagne as you can at Christmas lunch, will not affect your health long term, but choosing to do that every day probably will!  It’s the things we do daily (or more often than not) that matter.  Don’t ‘give in’ to the entire holiday season just for the sake of it!

Fuel your body, treat it as the temple it is and finish 2016 as a healthy, happy, empowered woman.

Feel Fabulous About Food This Festive Season

Carole Padded Bra and Bikini

I have a love affair with the beach.  There is something about looking out over the beautiful endless ocean, feeling the sand beneath your feet, and smelling that fresh salty air.  It never disappoints, rather it is always there to soothe my soul and dissipate my worries.  With each wave that rolls in, comes calm and loving energy that fills my love tank for days to come.  It is definitely my happy place.


What is ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy, or simply being in nature, is about more than surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery.  There have been many studies around the benefits of spending time outdoors, or in green spaces, and we know that some of these benefits may include:

Ecotherapy benefits

1.  Reduced stress and anxiety

Negative ions found in fresh air (particularly near fast moving water such as waterfalls or the ocean) have been nicknamed ‘Nature’s antidepressants’.

2.  Great source of vitamin D

The sun is a the most natural source of this vital little thing!  A vitamin D deficiency may negatively affect your mental or even contribute to obesity and cancer.

3.  Regulation of certain hormones such as melatonin and cortisol…

…which can assist with improved quality of sleep and again a reduction in stress

4.  Reduced inflammation

This can be achieved by earthing.  When our skin comes in contact with the earth, the electric energy equalizes defusing excess positive electrons.  Earthing can reportedly assist with many other ailments including stress, headaches and improved energy.

Whether it is the beach, mountains or the woods, or even your local park, the outdoors has this amazing way of easing stress and grounding us.  The healing power of mother nature is extraordinary, making time spent with her invaluable!  No wonder so many people find their happy place in the outdoors.  Where is your happy place?

Featured image via Pexels

A few years ago, I started delving into low-tox living and was researching safe alternatives to many common products I frequently used.  While browsing the internet, I came across something called a menstrual cup – yes, a menstrual cup!  I didn’t know what it was let alone how it worked but I was told it was an eco- friendly and non-toxic feminine hygiene solution.  I had even heard reports that some people experienced less period pain or shorter cycles when using them.

Up until this point I had always used tampons and overnight sanitary pads, so I was intrigued but also rather hesitant! I wanted to know more but seeing as I didn’t know anyone that used one (that I was aware of any way!) and my curiosity had gotten the better of me, I ordered online and decided to give it a go!

A menstrual cup is a reusable, ecological alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. It is a flexible silicone cup that you insert during your period to collect fluids, unlike tampons which absorb them.  Despite initial hesitations (which very quickly subsided), I discovered there are some really great advantages to using one.  I thought I would share the reasons I love mine, and why

I thought I would share the reasons I love mine, and why you should consider making the switch from tampons to a menstrual cup too!


1.  Happy environment.

There are literally over 100 billion disposable sanitary products used every year – an estimated 325 for the average woman per annum.

These products are often flushed down our loos, polluting our waterways or end up in landfill.  Not only that, can you imagine the resources needed to make these products, including the packaging and manufacturing processes such as bleaching, etc?  That is a whole lot of pollution going on!  A menstrual cup is reusable, and lasts

A menstrual cup is reusable, and lasts form 5 – 10 years!  You simply rinse while using during your period, before sanitising and storing it for your next cycle.  That gets a huge thumbs up from mother nature!

2.  Happy wallet.

Because a menstrual cup is reusable, and most last 5-10 years, they are super economical!  I worked out that I would save myself approx. $750 over 5 years using my cup instead of disposable products.  Cha-ching!

3.  Happy body.

The initial reason I looked into a menstrual cup was due to the toxicity concern of the disposable products I was using.  Have you ever actually stopped and thought about what is in a tampon – you know those things we willingly put inside our bodies!?

Of course there are some wonderful low-tox brands out there now, but most are absolutely not.  They are mostly made from non-organic cotton, rayon (which is made from wood pulp by the way) and other synthetic absorbable materials.  Throw in some dyes, fragrances and other chemicals and you have quite the chemical shit-storm on your hands, or your vagina!

Firstly, the cotton has most likely been heavily sprayed by pesticides and of course the rayon bleached.  The bleaching process results in trace elements of a chemical called Dioxin being present in tampons.

Dioxin is an endocrine disrupter, toxic to our immune systems and a cause of birth defects.  We are subjected to Dioxin in our environment, and as mentioned above there are only trace elements found in tampons.

This would maybe be fine if we only used them once in a blue moon – not 11,000+ times in our lifetime, and not against our vaginal tissue that absorbs almost everything that touches it!  A menstrual cup is typically made from soft medical grade silicone and is toxin free!

4.  Happy me.

If you are not yet convinced, what would you think if I told you that with a menstrual cup there is no more watching the clock to ensure you go to the bathroom every 4- hours max!

My favourite thing about the cup is that you can leave it in place for up to 12 hours!  I typically empty and rinse in the shower in the morning and again in the evening – that’s it!

That means no worrying about your period while at work, out at functions, or even during the night.  If needed, particularly if you have a heavier flow, you may want to empty it during the day.  If you have access to a bathroom where you can rinse it, great!  If not, simply wipe it with a wet wipe or toilet paper before reinserting and be on your way!

Also, they are comfortable – in fact you almost forget you are using one.  Because they collect fluid rather than absorb it, you don’t have to worry about dryness or discomfort.

Oh, and lastly, the rim creates an airlock seal so you don’t need to worry about leaks even during the most strenuous exercise or crazy yoga positions!


For the sake of less than $50, I would highly recommend trying a menstrual cup!  Your body and the environment will love you for it!  They suit most people and there are various sizes available to accommodate for different bodies and women.

I would also recommend visiting one of the many brands websites (such as DivaCup, Lunette or Juju) for all the nitty gritty info such as how to choose your size and how to insert the product (which is actually super easy!).  I have been using mine for over 2 years now and believe it has contributed to a more carefree period.  Give the tampons the toss and try a menstrual cup next month!

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

This week ‘authenticity’ seems to be popping up everywhere for me! Oracle cards, essential oils, and my journaling for a start – the universe is making sure I am honouring myself!

I feel like we have so many expectations and pressures about the way we should act, what we should wear, how we should live etc.  These expectations may come from our family, society in general or even us thanks to the lifetime of stories we have subjected ourselves to!

Over the years we start to conform or tame ourselves in a way that we deem suitable for our environment and before we know it we are loading a minimalist monochrome planner for 2017 into our shopping cart rather than an eclectic illustrated one that our inner goddess was actually drawn to – don’t worry, I put it back and got the coloured one!

Maybe you are really great at something or have an amazing message to share but play it down, thanks to self-doubt or fear of what others may think.

Or on the flipside you could be pretty average (or even really shit, let’s be honest) at something even though you love it, so you avoid it in order to dodge the judgement or criticism that comes with it.  I’m sure my colleagues wish I avoided singing at work sometimes!

In all seriousness though, we get so caught up in people pleasing and worrying about other people’s opinions of us that we fear being vulnerable and letting our authentic selves be revealed.


As we grow and experience life, we take on layers of ‘stuff’.

Criticism, shame, poor choices, heartbreak, guilt, the list goes on!  Each layer suffocates our authentic selves, but slowly and surely you can choose to peel away those layers and reconnect with that beautiful honest person that lies within.

When we finally decide to do this by embracing our true selves and letting our authenticity shine, beautiful things start to happen!

You will start to live in alignment with your values and live your life purposefully.

You will start to listen to your heart, trust your intuition and see that you already had the answers you were seeking within yourself.

You will attract people into your life that bring you true joy and connection.

Your courage will soar and you will do things you once forgot were possible.

Ultimately you will make decisions from a place of love instead of fear.

Reconnect.  Look within.  Speak your truth.  Go after the things you want and live your life with purpose and freedom.

You are amazing and you have something beautiful to offer the world.

Go ahead and let your authenticity shine gorgeous – be unapologetically you!

What is holding you back from being your beautiful self?

In part one of ‘How to fall in love with journaling’, we discussed some of the things you may want to write about.  Maybe you want to tell your own story to refer back to in order to write your own autobiography one day!  Or, perhaps you have some emotional ‘stuff’ you want to acknowledge and overcome.  Once you have thought about what, and why, you want to journal, there are a few handy tips I have for you to help you do it successfully.

Firstly, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do it.  You don’t need to write pages and pages.  You don’t need to worry about spelling or grammar or the type of pen and paper you are using.  Don’t get caught up in thinking you must do things a certain way in order to do them at all.  You can write in paragraphs, dot point, draw, scribble, whatever works!  Some days you may find you have a short novel to write, and others you might not feel like writing anything.  And that is okay!  If that happens, I would encourage you to grab your journal and write ‘I cannot write today’ or however it is you are feeling.

Part 2: How To Fall In Love With Journaling

Tip number two is to be consistent!  Decide how frequently you want to journal (I recommend daily in some capacity) and make the commitment to yourself to mindfully follow through with that for at least 30 days.  By this time you will have fallen in love with the therapeutic nature of journaling, and it will probably be habit!  As I mentioned, even if it is one sentence – write it down!  You may also like to choose a time of the day that is most convenient to you and ensure you make journaling during this period a priority!

Untitled design 13 - How To Fall In Love With Journaling (Part 2)

My third and final tip is to give yourself privacy so you can emotionally connect to what you are writing.  That may seem like a given but as busy working Mama I know all too well how easy it is to do something on autopilot, and usually while trying to do 3 other things at once!  Give yourself the time and space to journal in privacy more often than not.  Where possible, find somewhere comfortable with a nice vibe to sit and release.  This may at a table outside in your garden in the sunshine or it could be curled up in your bed with a beautiful scented candle burning.  The reality is that it could also be standing at the kitchen bench while dinner is on the stove – work with it if that’s the case!  You will find what works for you and may notice different writing styles or trains of thought that emerge dependent on your surroundings.

I also suggest keeping your actual writing private – at least parts of it!  Sometimes it is great to share our experiences and thoughts with others, and in this day and age we more frequently see people using blogs and the like as a journal.  However, when we remove the prospect of criticism and judgement, or other people’s feelings being effected, we give ourselves permission to journal freely.  Let it be your safe place.  Your freedom.  Your opportunity to connect with your authentic self and pen what you need to in the moment.

Pick up a pen, find a nice journal or notebook, and give it a go!  Let yourself relax and see what comes to the surface. You have nothing lose but so much to gain, and you may just find yourself falling in love with journaling after all!

Part 2 How To Fall In Love With Journaling

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