Have you ever decided you want to start journaling, or been told you should give it a go, only to either pick up your pen and think ‘now what?’ or, journaled enthusiastically for a few days but then stopped?   I can’t even count how many times in my life I intended to start journaling consistently, but gave up as quickly as I started, or didn’t even start in the first place!

Journaling is a very powerful tool, one that can change lives.  Bold statement, yes, but one I believe whole-heartedly.   For years I heard about why journaling was so great but I didn’t really know how to do it!

As soon as I uncovered what I wanted to journal about and how to do it successfully, I soon fell in love with it.


There are lots of reasons why someone may want to journal.  Some people simply like to keep an account of their day/week to look back on in years to come.  Some like to jot down ideas to create a better future for themselves.  Some like to keep a log of their health or use journaling as a release, with their page as a sounding board.

There is no right or wrong reason to want to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys!) but it is beneficial to work out your own why.

Personally, I most often use journaling for the following 5 reasons:

1. Set my intentions.

Whether that is my intention for the day ahead, an intention or goal around work or a particular aspect in my personal life or an intention around a specific event/moment that I may be participating in.

For example, ‘I am attending a seminar today to learn more about the nervous system, and leave afterwards feeling confident in my health choices’.  I look at my intentions as sacred contract to myself.  Once it is written on paper, it is more likely to happen.

2. Record affirmations.

Today I wrote down (and repeated numerous times) ‘Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time’.  Affirmations can help you change your perceived thoughts, improve your mood and help manifest your goals/wants/dreams.

An affirmation is simply a statement about what we want to happen.  You may not even believe it at first, but by repeating your statement over and over and over again, it will have a powerful effect.  Our brains do not know what is real or fake – we get to make it up, so make it good!

3. Brain dumping.

This is basically where I get out whatever it is I need to get out at the end of the day.  My ‘stuff’.  It could be notes about my day, something that is weighing on my mind or heart, ideas I have or questions to myself to help me work through something (lots of WHY questions).  Anything at all really!

Research shows that journaling about stress/trauma of current or past circumstances improves your emotional health and sense of well-being.

4. ‘I am’ statements.

I am statements are basically affirmations!  However, where I usually try and focus on one affirmation for the day/week, I may write out 20 different ‘I am’ statements on a daily basis.  Things like ‘I am creative.  I am free.  I lead by example.’

Again, things that I want to happen (whether they already do or not) that are align with my values and the woman I want to be.

5. Expressing gratitude.

A lot of people say they are grateful, yet don’t practice the art of expressing it.  When you start recording the reasons why you are grateful, it makes you much more mindful.  This could be as simple as ‘I am grateful for waking up today’ or as complex and personal as you wish.

When you start really thinking about it, we have a whole lot to be grateful for!


You may have completely different reasons to journal and of course that is totally okay – better than okay!  However, if you are unsure why or what you want to journal, maybe something above has resonated with you and given you some ideas.

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Do you journal? Tell us in the comments below!

There is no better feeling then slipping into bed after a big day feeling relaxed, happy and on top of things.  How often does that actually happen for you though?  I have found it is a lot easier to achieve by implementing a simple 5 step night time routine.  When I realised just how effective it was, I also created a morning routine that worked for me.  You can read about that here and here.

As a busy Mama, I am usually the last one awake in our house so I find it to be the perfect time to get my head and surroundings in order.  When I follow my routine I definitely go to bed much calmer and find myself falling asleep easier, which is something we all long for.  When I don’t follow my routine I find my brain keeps going over the events of the day, what I have to do tomorrow and what I think I should probably be doing instead of going to bed!  Falling asleep with so much going on is almost an invitation for a restless sleep so it is something we want to try and avoid.  To do this, I follow 5 simple steps.

1.  Prepare for tomorrow


I usually meal plan our evening meal for the week ahead every weekend.  I also prepare foods for lunches and breakfasts where possible, such as chopping and par cooking bulk vegetables to place into a storage container in the fridge, ready to grab when needed.  So, every night I make sure our lunches for the following day are made and packed.  I also pull out my workout clothes and pack my bag if I know I am going straight to class/gym after finishing work.  These few simple tasks free up time in the morning and leave you feeling prepared!

2.  Tidy up odds and ends


I don’t know about you, but I find it so much nicer waking to a tidy house in the mornings!  I don’t suggest you go on a cleaning spree every night (I tend to do most of that on the weekend) but a quick whip around to pack toys away, tidy off the kitchen benches, pop clothes away where they are meant to go etc.

3.  Journal


I am huge fan of journaling and have seen how it can help women overhaul their lives.  Although I do some brief journaling in the mornings, I find at night it is a great release – it’s very therapeutic!  There is usually 3 parts to my night time journaling: brain dumping, daily gratitude and a mood/food log.  Stay tuned for more details with How to Fall in Love with Journalling next week.

4.  Meditation


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If you’ve read part one and part two of How to create a morning routine that works for you’, you would already know that I meditate in the mornings.  Well I do it at night time too!  Again, this doesn’t need to be a long practice.  Ten minutes is usually sufficient for me.  At night time I either meditate in the shower or use a guided meditation just before going to sleep – it usually depends on if I have already showered with my toddler!  Shower meditation is beautiful.  In a nutshell, as the water falls on your skin you imagine it washing away any concerns, stiffness, heartache or general ‘stuff’ that you feel yourself hanging on to.  Imagine the weight of those things being released and your body being cleansed of worry as the water trickles away.

5.  Lastly, pop your phone on do not disturb or flight mode


There is a setting on most smartphones to do this.  I prefer using do not disturb as I am more comfortable knowing if there is an emergency I can still be reached.  In this mode all sounds and notifications are disabled, however if someone phones you twice within 5 minutes it will ring.  By switching your attention away from your phone (or laptop) you can let your body recalibrate and relax.

As always, if you can incorporate some beautiful music or gorgeous aromas (candles, essential oils etc) while working through your routine it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.  Once completed you can lay down in bed, comfortable and at ease, and thank the universe for gifting you another day in your amazing life.

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How do you prepare for the next day? Tell us in the comments below!

So what do I actually do? Most days I do seven things religiously, and the whole routine takes about half an hour.   Depending on how I feel after my staple seven, and what else I have happening, I may also add an eighth practice of ‘soaking up inspiration’.

This usually takes 10-15 minutes on its own and involves reading a page in a book like Heart Thoughts by Louise Hay or Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, listening to an inspiring podcast or checking out one of your favourite blogs or the like.

The reason I like those books is because they are broken down into single page topics or individual chapters for every day of the year.  But I don’t make time for this every single day.

Here are the things I do make time for daily, in order of how I do them, and that might work for you too.

20161104 IMG 0665 - 7 Ways To Create A Morning Routine That Works For You (Part 2)

1.  Give yourself time to wake up

Instead of rubbing your eyes and jumping out of bed, lay there for two minutes more.  Feel your body, stretch your toes.  Give thanks for waking to a new day and thank your body for the amazing job it does.

2.  Re-hydrate

Have big glass of water (or two) after you wake up.  There are many benefits for doing this but the main reason I do is because even if you don’t feel like it, your body needs it!  You have just gone 7-8 hours without drinking anything!

3.  Stretch

How good does it feel to stretch!?  You might feel good by doing some basic stretches of your limbs, trunk and neck in your bedroom (or shower – just be careful!) or you may prefer to do a more structured routine such as tai chi or yoga.  This can take as short or long as you like.  Most days I simply do a 5 minute sequence, unless I feel like I need more.

4.  Meditate

This is one of my favourite things to do.  In the beginning it was hard.  It was awkward.  I was trying to be still and clear my thoughts but my head was in overdrive saying ‘hurry up’.  ‘I’ve got to do this, this and this before we can go’. ‘Ohhh I have a meeting at work this morning. ‘Oh gosh I have to make sure I go to the shops in my break to get coconut oil’. ‘Uggh, that bill is due today’… You see where I’m going!  It didn’t take long for me to be able to stay in the moment for a little longer, then the next week a little longer, until before I knew it, it was just happening.

There are stacks of guided meditations available too, such as Headspace. I really enjoy lighting a beautiful candle or putting essential oils in my diffuser while I am doing this also.  Your practice doesn’t need to be for half an hour, anything is better than nothing!  I usually aim for around 10 minutes.

5.  Journal

Straight after meditating I like to journal.  More often than not this only takes me 5 minutes as I do the bulk of my journaling at night.  In the morning I use my journal to set my intention (or goals) for the day.  I also write down my affirmations or ‘I am’ statements such as ‘I am rested and energised’.  Of course if there is anything else that I need to get out onto paper at the time, then I will do that too.

6.  Spread happiness

This usually takes me about a minute.  A simple message, text or note to someone to let them know I am thinking about them, or I love them or am wishing them well for something specific such as a birthday or event.  Not only do you make yourself smile, but usually someone else too!

7.  Make a list

I am a notorious list writer.  You know the type that writes ‘make a list for x’ on their current to do list? Yes, that’s me.  I always feel much more relaxed when I get things down on paper so I don’t need the thought lingering around in my brain anymore.  It might include things I need to do or get that day.  This only takes a couple of minutes.

morning to do list 1024x683 - 7 Ways To Create A Morning Routine That Works For You (Part 2)

As you can see, my whole routine only takes about 25-30 minutes.  And by spending that time with myself it definitely sets me up for the day.  If you can do one or more of these things outside in the sunshine it would be even more amazing!

I also have a ‘do not disturb’ setting on my phone that activates between 9:30pm and 6:30am.  This setting disables all sounds and notifications during that time – a great feature to use instead of flight mode in case someone needs you in an emergency.  Once my staple seven are done, of course I then usually check my phone!

What are the things you feel could make a difference to your day.  What will help set the tone for the day you want?  What routine is going to work for YOU?

Part 2 7 Ways To Create A Morning Routine That Works For You

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How often do you wake up and automatically reach over and grab your phone to scroll through Facebook for 15 minutes, subjecting yourself to depressing news from the day before or tragic events that unfolded through the night.  You then hear “Mamaaaaaa” coming from your child’s room so you jump out of bed to get started on the 101 things that need doing before you head off to work? Which by the way is in less than hour!  This was my morning most days until I implemented a morning routine for ME.  Yes, for me – what a crazy idea!

When I look back to how I used to start my morning, no wonder my whole day felt rushed and at times stressful.  I used to think I wasn’t a morning person, and I wasn’t because I had been telling myself that story for so long – I just had to change my story and I could be a morning person.

At some point I decided I needed to change how I started my day.  I realised that I held the power to set the tone for the day ahead, and I could achieve this by waking a little earlier and gifting myself some ‘me’ time.  By creating a morning routine that worked for me I could change my whole day.

It’s important to note that there is no point following someone else’s routine if it doesn’t work for you.

If you are a sole parent to 3 children and do shift work, then your routine will most likely differ to someone who is a student with no children other than the four-legged variety.  You need to make it work for you!  Here are some things to consider before creating your routine.


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What do you want to achieve by creating this routine?

For me it is about 3 things:

1.  Consistency!  By creating a routine I now that I have the framework for a great day laid out in front of me.

2. Creating a relaxed, calm yet productive mood for my entire day. This affirms that I have more time than I need in my usually full day.

3.  Prioritising myself daily.  By giving myself this 30-40min each day I am engaging in an act of self-love which in turn increases my self-worth.

What time do you currently wake and what time do you need to be out the door?

If you are already struggling to do everything you need to do between waking and leaving, then you need to wake earlier.  I know, I know – you aren’t a morning person right?  Or maybe you are and you just need to change the story you are telling yourself!

What are you doing, or what can you do, at night to help improve your morning? 

In conjunction with my morning routine, I also have a very basic end of day routine to ensure I end my day the way I want to.  Some things work better for others in the evenings versus mornings.

morning routine coffee and journal

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Do you have a morning routine that works for you?  Share with us in the comments below!

So many of us are caught up in perfection.  The Oxford dictionary defines perfection as “the action or process of improving something until it is faultless’.  Sounds a little steep to me!  We like things to be right, spot on in fact, and anything less can often be deemed as failure.

From the way we look, to the way we do things – we set the goal posts high and strive for nothing less than perfect.  The problem is that we so often can’t reach those heights, and if we can’t do it perfectly why bother at all?  One little slip up and *poof* we’ve failed.  Yet again we aren’t good enough.

But you know what?  We ARE enough.  YOU are enough!

The Oxford dictionary defines perfection as ‘the action or process of improving something until it is faultless’.  Sounds like a huge responsibility to me!  One that is often unattainable.

The truth is, perfection is highly overrated.  Unless you are an engineer or heart surgeon of course!  But really, what does faultless mean?  Who defines how to be perfect?  The perfect woman, the perfect parent, the perfect spouse?  Well, you do.  I do.

We all do, and it’s about time we lower our standards and give ourselves some breathing room.

Ultimately it’s merely a perception, so what if we decide to change how we perceive things?  I say imperfect is perfect.

What is perfect flawless skin without a few marks to tell a woman’s story?  What price do you put on perfection when the perfect parent is actually breaking on the inside from being pulled in too many directions?

When we give ourselves permission to be perfectly imperfect amazing things can happen.

We can once again do things wholeheartedly in our own time.  We can act with authenticity.  We can be more forgiving towards ourselves and others which in turn cultivates love.

Forget the perception of perfection – what you see online, in the media and on your friends photoshopped Instagram account.  Lower the goal posts!  Be forgiving.  You are already perfect, exactly as you are, right in this moment.

red heart shaped glasses

 What are your thoughts on perfection? Tell us in the comments below!

Usually when someone decides to improve their health and wellness they aren’t quite sure how to go about it.  I remember when I was starting my own journey and I had no idea what I was really doing!

The desire to change often comes from a place of desperation or fear.  Something may impact our health or we worry it is about to, or we may become unhappy with how we feel or look.  So, we decide we need an overhaul!  We then might join a program, enlist help from a professional and/or make a plan of how we are going to achieve our goals.

We decide we need to commit 100% for x weeks.  Even if it is hard and we hate it, it’s only x weeks right?  We know can do it.  Because if we don’t we are simply a failure, again.  Right?  Does this sound familiar?  It is certainly how I have felt in the past.

So, we come up with a grand plan to wellness!  Before we know it, we have decided to follow a new diet, exercise 5 times a week, sleep more, indulge less, hydrate more, join yoga, be kind, be grateful, grow our own veggies, brew our own kombucha and make our own skin care!

There is nothing wrong with having grand plans, in fact it is admirable, however for one’s own sanity I highly recommend taking baby steps!  There is plenty of time to grow your own veggies but first simply try and incorporate them in your diet daily.

Choose to work on or change something that impacts you every day and when you feel comfortable with that change, choose another.

Baby steps to wellness journal

Give yourself permission to be imperfect because it is going to happen anyway.  Then when it does, you can move on without the guilt and shame, because you had already prepared for that moment.  That moment doesn’t mean you have failed.  It means you have been given an opportunity to learn a lesson and grow!

Your journey to wellness should come from a place of love, not fear.  It should be about pleasure and joy not deprivation and punishment.  Embark on the journey because you deserve it and because you want to feel amazing.  When love is the driving force you will make the right choices more often than not.

Before you know it those baby steps will be bounding leaps!

What are you working on this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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